Anyone getting invites to BETA recently

yeah actual BETA invites, or are those done

they said they are doing more but it will be a smaller amount now

they should just add 1-2 more beta servers ffs

If it helps, I am not subbed to anybody, i don’t even watch Twitch.

My account was created 2015

**and I got a stress test invite


lol are you trolling me 2015 and got stress test that makes me really depressed that such a new account got in but congrats though have fun

Invites are rapidly decreasing

Nah I’m for real. But I couldnt be on during the 2 hour period due to work. From what I saw, having the stress test invite and actually getting to play don’t go hand in hand, so we perhaps msised nothing.

I might try tonight after work, but I’m just happy to download the client before release day… which I’m sure everybody will be allowed to do.

I think they will let everyone download client when you reserve your 3 names before release

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well rip there

Yea I hope they do an open beta but I doubt they will this has been pretty terrible

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Well thats good then. Ive simmered down 100% after seeing a definite release date. I’ll take what tbey give us! Id not be surprised if we got an open beta

I hope so I just want something to do for the next 3 months and that isn’t gonna be playing bfa

I resubbed just for classic/beta opportunity but was late to the party :frowning:


Based on the blue post, while people can hope, I think it’s unreasonable to expect a beta invite. It’s sad really, I’ve never seen a beta world so underpopulated before. I guess this team is doing things differently than 99.9% of beta tests.

I’m sure there’s a method behind the madness, but it’s hard to see from the outside looking in.

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Agreed. I won’t lie, I think their methodology is kinda screwy here. Why such a small beta? Surely a larger population size would be more useful for catching bugs and whatnot? Of course I don’t mean an overwhelmingly large group of closed beta testers, but more nonetheless. I’m a Vanilla player darnit! Let me test Vanilla!

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Been constantly checking the launcher every day, still no beta :c

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Been playing WoW for over 10 years now and haven’t gotten a single beta access to any expansions and now this. Big rip.

I got in 2 days ago.

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I guess you’re not a sponsored fanboy then. You have to be connected to get a spot. Same as stress tests. You can’t get on the servers without clout.