“Beta is full”

Didn’t they recently post a blue post saying that they reached the numbers they wanted for beta Testers and there would not be anymore invites??

Funny because I keep seeing streamers getting invited today. So what they really mean is no more non streamers who are just loyal costumers will be invited?

Sure, take it however you want to make yourself feel better.


I mean why even make a blue post only to lie

They didn’t say it was full you need to read it again more closely.

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They said they are reducing the number of invites going out and will add more as needed. That’s the real info.


Can you show me the blue post where they said Beta is closed?

Name and shame? Which streamers got beta invites today?

World of Anecdotal Evidence

From the sticky.


Sure, keep your head in the sand and follow asmongoo, the best representation of wow players

I can’t stand watching him, but nice try.

Gotta love salty people.

Why do a lot of people think they deserve an invite?

Mommy told me I’m special!


Aww. Have a wowwy pop :lollipop:

Edit: Maybe free stuff is what they’re after…?

Reason 1 : I’m actual WoW GOD and I can instally test MC after 2 hours of play time.

Oh wait, that’s asmogoo.

Reason 1 (real): pretty please blizzard ?

Do you have a crush on this streamer?

Yes, but to fully explore my crush I would need a 2 hand mace and crusader enchant.

I think he’s good at this game (well, not classic, he does so many errors it’s insane). I think he has the potential to actually contribute to the game and make it better.

My problem : He chose NOT TO do it. He WANTS toxic comunity for free advertising, he WANTS toxic people following him. He wants money. Nothing else

I’m gonna start streaming today and see if it gets me in. I found an actual bug during the stress test and spent a good hour or 2 testing it. No invite for me though.

why aren’t you streaming yet?