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I’m no streamer, I don’t even watch streamers, and I got an invite.

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Threads like this need to be locked at this point.

Grow the hell up OP.

There are many others (myself included) who began playing during Vanilla who want in as much as you do. It was a gamble to resub to WoW and try to get into the beta, not a guaranteed ticket. When I read the requirements were to be subbed to WoW, it was understandable for obvious reasons. I took the risk, didn’t get in (besides stress test). That’s life, s*** happens.

Outside of a marketing argument, I’m happy to see popular streamers getting access. Considering there are so many viewers watching the most mundane part of the game like low level leveling means there’s a real player base out there ready to play. That excites me.


Let’s say for a moment that blizzard really cared about loyalty, so as of right now only people who’ve been playing and paying since 2004 or sooner would be playing the beta, i feel like that would be a very very short list.

This just in, man has a cry about not getting everything he wants - vents his frustration online - looks like an idiot.

More to come shortly


Summit said on his stream multiple times he played WoW Vanilla near it’s launch so everything OP just said is completely wrong, based on assumptions and should be deleted by a blue. OP you also do nothing for blizzard but give them money and play there products like the rest of us. Streamers actually give exposure to the game to different audiences it’s basically free advertisement for WoW Classic why tf wouldn’t they invite streamers? They know so many streamers quit WoW over the years but would love to play WoW Classic again so they invite them and all people do is cry because they didn’t get lucky. Sorry you didn’t get what you want child. And man… if you really did play in Vanilla then you must be in your adult life right now and still acting like a whiny baby. That’s just sad but also funny to see lmao

Also pretty interesting u said this then made this post


Where is this posted?

This is what the After Stress Test post says about invites.

He also acknowledges at one point that streamer concentration makes it hard for people to test things when the streamers are around.

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It doesn’t matter what blizzard ‘‘says’’ happens they’ve convinced themselves.
( pizza gate was proven to be a hoax, that did not stop a person from breaking into the pizza joint and attempting to ‘‘save the children’’ and furthermore,people still believe and support the guy who did that.)
Keep that in mind.

Sure, but when someone claims a direct quote that’s completely false, we have a duty of care to point out their talking out of the wrong end, lest others repeat it.

Fighting an up hill battle against crazy people.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. :wink:

Eh touche.
I made myself laugh,i’m sorry.


Doesn’t bother me a bit. I mean, yeah, I’d like to have beta access, but I also understand their reasoning for doing this.

It’s a business move to try and bring lost/new customers into the fold. Many who have left over the years may not know about the re-release of classic. This gets the word out.

Overall, I think this will lead to a better overall experience for everyone if these guys/girls bring more players to the table.

People need to stop thinking small/selfishly. Think bigger picture folks.

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Just be honest, you don’t care if Blizzard rewards your loyalty, you’re just mad because of “streamer privilege” but you have to get this concept through your skull, Streamers have huge platforms to promote a game Blizzard desperately needs to succeed and “influencers” are just the perfect vehicle. There’s probably just a handful of them running around doing their thing, the rest are just regular testers but the fact is, not everyone can get in, the server would just implode with that many people and actual testing would become impossible.


Hilarious that you mention ego when you’ve made a thread like this.

The lack of self-awareness exhibited in these threads is astounding.


A very small fraction of invites went to streamers and even if they didnt get invited you still more than likely wouldnt have been invited.

You are owed NOTHING.

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the fact any went to streamers is what irks them.

is this the mmo version of a niceguy/incel?

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they only care about your sub and what you buy from the store thats it.they care more about streamer exposure then anything else right now.

thats just facts dont play if you dont like it.

your talking to people who send out free gifts for the 10 year only to have it end up on ebay