How do you get a beta invite?

I saw they look at the age of your account, I’ve been here for many years.

I started when I was 13-14 now am 26.

Do they give invites to people like me?

Or is it reserved for a select group of people?

Thank you!

Merry someone from blizzard. It is too late for me but maybe not you.

It’s completely random I hear. I’ve been playing since 04, and been subbed since then and I got in. My brothers have as well and they aren’t in. It’s random.

It’s basically playing the lotto; you have the same chance of winning as getting struck by lightning, but you have to pay to find out if you’re that lucky. :slight_smile:

its random mate. though there may be some thins such as account age, id don’t mean necessarily we are looking for the oldest accounts, quite the opposite they want people that have joined in for the first time in the game from all expansions. from vanilla accounts to accounts just made for BFA. its a RNG game and they are already around the number of people they require for beta. they will invite as needed but it will be slim pickings, i wouldn’t get hopes up for beta, MAYBE stress test invite tho just maybe. I don’t have an invite to either, and my account was launched nov 24 04 and i own the collectors edition of vanilla just to give you an idea of the rarity of these invites and that it truly is random.

Mostly just hope and pray. I have a 2004 account as well 12/12/04 and I’m still waiting. Having an awesome time participating in the discussions and watching the Classic streams though. Best thing you can do is just hang out and wait for August but, hey, here’s to hoping we both get in!

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Sell your soul to the me for $1, and you’ll get a beta invite… to what, I’m not sure, but I’ll find something.:smiling_imp:

Ultimately, ensure you’re signed up for beta testing inclusion.


It’s a complete sentence.

alt+f4 I heard it works.

unless you have media influence then your margin is crunched by 20%.

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30% of beta access (Rounded up) was streamers; 5% of those were new to wow; Meaning theres a 20-25% margin error for streamers who have influence based on algorithmic mathematics.

Rng (if subbed and opted in)

We all know how WoW RNG works. Heh

I hear if you stream you have a 10000% chance of being invited according to a bunch of threads here so try that.

Well, you play in a private server, stream wow from the private server, and get banned at one point for streaming from said private server.

That seems to be the consensus of the classic forums.