Classic Beta Key Consideration

My subscription was cancelled for a few days because I did not update my credit card because I did not have the physical card with which to update it. I was a REGULAR player/subscriber for months up until that few day period.
So I was told by the support crew that I unfortunately missed the first wave of random invites to the WoW Classic Beta due to this and that now the invites will take into account that I only had an active subscription for the days that I started.
All of my friends (conveniently all regular subscribers) received keys. I am the only person that will not be playing the Classic Beta with them if I do not receive a key.
My plight is not to demand a key
I am sure that many people are in a similar situation. My recommendation/request is to take into account that I and many others had YEARS of subscriber time prior to this short lapse in subscription when you “randomly” select (or generously retroactively select) the next wave of key recipients. It was not even a full month. It was barely a week!
I also saw people advocating for a “Give a classic beta key to your battlenet friend” which also is a good idea independent of my problem (yet admittedly would conveniently fix it) because most people play this game with their friends or guild mates and have been playing together for years (my friends and I are no exception).

Please please take into account that I had months of subscriber time before this issue with my billing when deciding if I get a beta key in the next wave. Thanks!

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That. Wow. That just hits me in the feels. I’m so sorry you got left out.

Here, have my beta key


Make sure it isn’t the same key used by your friend. Have fun in Azeroth!


I have an active subscription with no breaks since 23 November 2004, and didn’t get an invite.

There is no such thing as automatic eligibility.

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The reason they didn’t take in prior months of game time probably revolves around these key points:

  1. Shrinks player pool size down considerably, and simultaneously guarantees active players involved in WoW (or, at least a higher percentage guaranteed then sending invites to potentially dead accounts).
  2. Easier to code. This is just a beta, after all.

My chances of receiving one are significantly reduced because of that issue. That is all I am frustrated with. If I didn’t receive one in the lottery, fine. That’s cool. But I am just asking that my chances be restored to what they were before this mishap with my billing for the 2nd wave of invites.

I understand that. I even put “I am not demanding a key” in italics but I guess you didn’t read that lol. But now because of this issue, they won’t take into account my many months of subscription because of a week long lapse due to a billing issue. I am asking for my chances to go from (idk what they are but for example) 1% to what they would have been if my subscription was never cancelled. If I had a 50/50 chance of receiving one before, I think it’s a big sad if my chances are now much lower for the 2nd wave.

Look I have been playing wow since 2006, before that I was a loooong time Diablo player and even a customer since the original release of Orcs and Humans many many years ago. Not ONCE have I gotten a wow beta or alpha access. This stress test was my first anything outside of release that I was able to take part in, so please spare me. Its RNG who gets in and LOOOOOOONG time customers such as myself have gotten nothing EVER and have not complained.

I understand the feeling of watching your friends all get beta or alpha access, alot of my friends have gotten access and even some don’t even use their keys… I know its frustrating first hand, but again its all RNG and some have it while others do not.

Okay. Can people please stop commenting if they aren’t reading the entire post? If you scroll through the middle, you will see in nice italic letters: MY PLIGHT IS NOT TO DEMAND A BETA KEY.
They explicitly stated that one of the criteria for being selected is how long you’ve been actively subscribed. Basically the “how long i’ve been subscribed” is now down to days instead of months when there was only a week hiatus due to a billing issue.
I want to be explicitly clear for those of you who clearly have a problem reading. I put that my friends all got keys because its convenient that they all have active subscriptions that have been for as long as mine has. So if I was not selected or my chances were lowered due to my billing issue, I am asking that in the second wave, my chances be restored to what they were prior to my billing issue. If I do not receive a key based on the chances that I had prior to the billing issue, then I would not have an issue. I am asking that blizzard look at my LONG TIME subscription PRIOR TO MY BILLING ISSUE as a CRITERIA THAT THEY EXPLICITLY STATED THAT THEY WERE LOOKING AT, instead of looking at the mere days that they reduced it to after my billing issue.

I am NOT demanding or asking for a key. I am not even salty that I did not receive one. I am asking that blizzard consider me for a key in the 2nd wave with my longtime subscription time and not the mere days. If I do not receive a key based on my LONGTIME subscription, I WOULD BE FINE WITH THAT.

I hope that clears up any confusion that EVERYONE commenting on this post seems to be having :slight_smile:

Never claimed it was a plight for a beta key. Just pointing out there are folks that have invested more that are “shunned” from betas and alphas as well. Posting on the forum will not get you a key, I have tried that as well as posting feedback and making sure Im opted in ASAP. All you can do is hope you get the invite or you can be like me and watch all your friends get keys to betas and alphas for 14 or so years and just laugh (and cry on the inside).

I understand. I just wanna make sure I’m opted in and given the best chance to get a key in the next round of invites. Would I like a key? Of course!
I am only asking that they take pity on a billing issue and make it so that my chances are increased of getting one. I am not upset that I didn’t make the cut. I am upset that all of the prior subscription time means nothing to my chances.

Your situation is extremely different. You were given your proper chance and consideration based on your time subscribed and didn’t get it. Were I in your situation, I wouldn’t have taken the time to make this post. I would’ve been crying in a corner in my room. Its different because I was denied completely and 1. not even considered because I wasn’t subscribed during the time they were giving them out. Due to the aforementioned billing issue. And 2. now they are only considering my few days that I have been subscribed. Not the time before. (I was told by a support agent that this was the case) I hesitate to use the word unfair because its just an unfortunate set of circumstances. I just want them to consider my situation and ask for them to consider my subscription time before the mishap when using the RNG. Because my chances would be significantly higher if they do indeed use the time subscribed as a criteria.

You’re confused.

At the end of the day this is your fault. You missed the initial wave of invites not because your sub lapsed for 3 days two months ago, if you missed the first wave of invites you weren’t even subscribed the day of the announcement and subsequent release of the beta.

And I highly doubt who ever you spoke to at Blizzard told you anything about your chances for future waves of invites…it doesn’t even make sense especially when people have gotten in with months/years of time lapsed between subs

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I mean players who have been subcribed since vanilla are not getting, but they don’t matter. It’s all about you I guess.

Thank you SO much for telling me something that I already said. Once again, since you clearly cannot read, I AM NOT DEMANDING A KEY. I was not subscribed the day of the subsequent release of the beta. I also explicitly said “I hesitate to use the word unfair” because its not unfair. I didn’t have my card to update my billing info. That is I guess my fault? I didn’t really want to look at it that way because there was no way for me to expedite it. And yes, the blizzard employee did tell me that “unfortunately, the selection would not take into account the years of subscription prior to my lapse in subscription. The criteria would use the few days after you started your most recent subscription.”

YOU are confused.

And Daswings, the people in vanilla got looked at for their time of subscription since vanilla and were denied a beta key. I truly don’t know how to express to you the difference between the situations unless you’re just not reading what I typed above. They got looked at for their years of subscription and were not selected. I am going to be looked at for a week/month long subscription when prior to this issue, I was subscribed for years. If you don’t understand the issue, you are just looking at what I am saying as me demanding a key. And everything you say after ignoring what I said above is just pointless. Because it has no relevance to what I am requesting, NOT demanding. I am asking that blizzard look at my time subscribed prior to this billing issue and decide if I should get a key or not. If they say no even after looking at my time subscribed, I would be in the same boat at the people you describe as subscribed since vanilla. I wish people could read better and did not login into the forums just to berate others and insinuate that I am being selfish in this regard. Hell yeah I am being selfish. I am asking for a request. Asking for something implies that you want something for yourself. So if that is me making this “all about me” then so be it. You are missing the entire point of what I said above. And skipped the italic “I AM NOT DEMANDING A KEY.”

Also in the beta thirst club (04 account here) but my sub has lapsed at various stages. Active right now and hoping but still trying to entertain myself with the forums and streams.

Hope we all get in soon or at the very least time speeds up for August

There are no “keys” for beta. Either you get it on your launcher or you don’t.

Hey man, sorry.

What you’re saying they said doesn’t make sense to me :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

The first blue post they came out with that even mentioned the beta process noted length of account not length of your sub.

People who started in Vanilla weren’t subbed for months/years prior to the Beta announcement and were still invited and people who started day 1 and never had a lapse in their sub since then weren’t.

I think you misunderstood what they were telling you.

Regardles of if I haven’t subbed for the past 10 years if I was subscribed the time of the beta my account would still come up as 13+years old.

WOW. It doesn’t make sense to me either now that you posted that. She explicitly said that they release them in waves and that they would be inviting people throughout the summer. She even recommended that I post this post asking for blizzard to look at my prior subscription and not the days after I changed my billing info. The only reason I posted this is per her recommendation. I have never posted in the forums before. That’s just dandy.

That is extremely unorganized blizzard. Full lack of communication between your ranks. I was given blatantly false information. This is why I don’t normally do support. You guys all tell me something different.
“We have a couple more stress tests scheduled.” Lol OPAY. I’ll be sure to keep my expectations and hopes up to receive an invite. Not. I expect better from a company that takes 15$ a month from people.

Although one of the criteria they said they would look at is the length of subscription on the announcement page. So is there a lack of communication between the blue posts and the front page of the site…? Wow. Blizzard, you guys need to get it together.

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I can agree with you on that.

The first few days were a :poop: show around here in part due to bad communication.

Even what they’ve said so far seems very much open to interpretation.

It’s to late now but I wish they were more open and clear with what was going on.

If it’s any consolation I would be upset/confused if what they told you was true as it would seem you have an even lesser chance of getting in than had you not missed your sub so hopefully someone can work it out for you if that happens to be the case.

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