WoW Classic Testing Access as of May 22

So if we get into the stress test, is it also an invite to the closed beta or is it different. still a little confused between them both, Like do we get to play and level to 30 after the test has concluded?

It just says invites.

Even if the re-run has to happen still, there’s 24 hours to play during the stress test.

It’s different. Invite to the stress test isn’t an invite to the beta.


Why send me a email then tell me to remove PTR occount and then not let me test? Did I just get trolled by Blizz? #feelsbadman

Nearly full, he said the invites for it are slowing down, and strongly suggested they’re going to stop for awhile. That said.

“Current population needs” is an operative part of things. We know layering is going to need more testing than “simple” stress testing. So at some point, which appears to not be soon™, there will likely be some more waves of invites going out. It simply appears that time won’t be later this week, or next week. Two weeks from now may be too soon™ as well, but only time will tell.

Ah, Damn… i cry… o well. Level 5 Speed runs incoming.

A shame we have non-Vanilla streamers taking up limited space to beta test Vanilla.

Hype > Quality



Edit: time zones are hard
All times are Pacific Time, as Blizzard is based in California. You have 1 hour, 17 minutes yet.


Must have read that incorrectly. I’m just puzzled why we have not heard anything about the people who received an invite to the stress test but due to us having customer service remove the PTR’s from our accounts. Just reading the above blue post made it sound like we were out of luck and nothing else was going out.

They are trying to rerun the invite script for those who deleted a PTR. It may not be in time for the initial 4-6pm, but the test will up for 24 hours. Hopefully they get it run before then.


Yikes this crushed my soul :(, Eagerly waiting for a Beta Invite but now hearing that they will decrease can only assume worsens my chances. Guess i’ll have to wait till aug 27th kek.

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Sorry seems not. I guess try hard next time! :slight_smile:

Let’s just drop the pretense that the closed beta is actually a beta. It’s just promotional. The stress tests are the real beta. If you want to throw a bone to streamers so they can hype the game, that’s fine. Calling it a ‘beta’ and getting people’s hopes up that they might get it was poor form. Bad communication is why bfa is joke and subs are leaving. Don’t replicate the same mistakes with classic.


Thanks! That is what I kinda thought after the “NUUUUU” first reaction. There are still 3 months and they will prob add more closed beta. :slight_smile:

Nice! So you guys got the streamer server going good then? You guys goona unlock it for level 60 for them right? So they can practice for the next 3 months while they get paid to play the game 24/7 right?
Sounds fair and awesome to me!



Hope I misunderstood them. Sounded like that was all folks…

Yeah less, they release more in like month when people stop playing the ‘‘beta’’ at 30 cap and new bunch players get in.

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Never know. They said there might be more invites later, but dont get your hopes up.

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Ask yourself Blizzard what would Asmongold do?

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I don’t think you were intentionally trolled. It was most likely those pesky Gnomes in the server room! One of them may have pressed the wrong button.

However, I’m sure everyone at Blizzard wants as many people to test their game out as possible. They’re super proud about bringing us Classic from what I can tell from the interviews.

I hope they’re able to get people who missed out on this test into next month’s test! :slight_smile:

And… as always… I love your name.