Beta Invites?

They only need a few thousand beta testers out of a few million players. No one should ever expect to be one of the chosen ones.

Bear in mind that classic servers could only hold around three thousand players and the new classic servers will only have sharding for the first few zones.
They really have no need for more than a a few thousand people to beta test the beta realms.

Adding more realms just increases testing overhead without appreciably increasing test coverage.
Their goal is to produce a viable product - at launch . Satisfying a players sense of entitlement prior to launch does not foster that goal.


Entitlement a world those who are either in or wish to get in love to throw around. Yes I feel entitled. So it’s a natural feeling. There’s nothing wrong with it. Stop hatin! haten? Hatting? uh… :thinking::yum:

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Within other criteria though right? If you’re saying its completely random from the opt-in, the demographics of the beta disagrees.

You’d need a full list of those who were in the beta to have any kind of knowledge of the demographics, wouldn’t you? Which I imagine outside of streamers/influencers (which aren’t randomly invited through the opt-in system), there’d be very little public data available on.

Of course there are sometimes other factors involved, but for all intents and purposes, it is almost entirely random. Quibbling about the language that every rep who might reply is using is more than a little exhausting and entirely unnecessary.


There’s a lot of clear indications based on the forum responses.

Very few people who didn’t have a 2004/2005 account have gotten into Beta. There’s a distinct criteria being used, though I’m certain that within those ‘buckets’ there is a random seed because even the 2005/2005 bucket is far too large to give everyone an invite.

It was answered in the Classic forum.

Any information about Beta invites is usually posted in the Classic forum.

With limited Beta spots and a large number of players who opted in for Beta testing, the odds are not in your favor.

No, Stress Testers should not get in before any others. They didn’t invite all who opted in for the Beta. It is wishful thinking on your part. If you want to talk about being “fair,” the invites to the Beta would go to players who were not invited to the Stress Test. If you got in on the Stress Test you’ve had a chance to check it out. It would only be fair to let someone else in.

I participated in the Stress Test. I do not think it entitles me to a spot in the Beta test if one becomes available.

The Devs who are running the Beta have not released the criteria they are using to determine who is being selected.


I agree. Except the CS representatives keep saying “It’s random”, causing confusion. That’s why I asked if they meant within the criteria mentioned in the beta invites thread.

Perhaps, perhaps not. Customer Support has zero involvement in the invite process, so we only have mostly basic information. As far as were aware it is random for qualifying accounts. If you ask us that is what we’re going to tell you, if you continue to ask us that is all the information we’ll be able to provide.

I do get the frustration, especially based on such limited information. Sorry.


Understood. Maybe the best response is to redirect to that beta post.

What in the OP’s post leads you to believe he didn’t feel he was entitled to be a beta tester?

“Variety of factors”.
Age of the account is merely one of several, and not the deciding factor.

If you do not get a Beta invite, it’s not a personal slight and people need to stop acting like it is.

It’s an algorithm for RNG using these factors. Are there exceptions? Of course. Giving mover and shakers access is good business sense. It generates more interest in the product.

Everyone one after that is random ( whether or not they believe it) based on those variables. Age of the account merely being one.

Face it. Most people asking for Beta merely want early access to content.


Would it not help to be a little more transparent on the state of invites. I know they said they are slowing down, however that leaves people thinking that they still have a chance. A more definitive answer eg, We are not sending out any more public invites at this time.

Why? How do you know they are not sending out any more invites? We still have 3 months of Beta.


I mean its pretty clear I’m asking them for transparency during the process. They ultimately know when they are sending public ones. So they can easily say we are not sending any out. If they change there mind, they can say invites are going out on X day. Its not like they spin a wheel of randomness.

Well, the CS forums is not the right place to discuss this as they really don’t have influence on the invite process.

You want to post on the Classic forums if you wish your concerns to be heard.


The number of invites that will be sent out is “rapidly decreasing”


Doesn’t mean they are stopping invites.

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Nope, but it does mean that the small chance of getting an invite becomes smaller every day.


Or larger, depending what is needed at different stages. As Bornakk said, we have met our current population needs for testing. It’s a long process and those needs change, often as we progress through testing phases.

In either case, it has been repeatedly stated the CS has no involvement in the Beta process so to discourage additional discussion in the wrong place I’m going to lock this one up. Thanks all.