Beta invites?

Will there be anymore Beta invites going out?

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If you’ve completed the D3 season and a 110 Greater rift you still have a chance.

If you’re not an “influencer” or aren’t friends with one, no. Don’t even waste your time.

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Nope. They have exactly 3 left and they’re going to give them to people you don’t like just to piss you off.


it’s possible, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

If you are lucky, you might get into the stress test in a day or so.

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heheh. :grin:


I like you Padre.

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I’m in the stress test, so I have a little hope for Beta.

I am wondering if the PTR in launcher could still be stopping beta invites from showing as it did with the first stress test. I have Beta/Stress test client in mine plus a PTR.

So if we do get a beta invite would we use the same region/account … Beta/Stress test selection for both, beta and stress test?

The beta and stress test are both under the same launcher, shows up as the same for the ones invited to beta.

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I know what they say, but I’m under the assumption there won’t be any new invites for this weeks stress tests. Participants will include I think solely those invited the first go around

Oh, they will be there, and you’ll never know.

Good. I’m here for you!

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Ohh cool, So i guess we just try logging in now and then with that and if we see servers its the beta. When there is no stress test going on.

Maybe I should check that again…

become a twitch camgirl and blizzard will invite you, regardless if you opted in or not

Who are all the others grouping with them ? It was mainly streamers at the very start, but not as much now. the only reason we can tell when a streamer is invited is because it goes public via stream and forums.

But there is regular players making up the bulk now, and that will open more once the beta gets closer to open beta.