Classic Beta Invites

become a popular streamer and you’ll get an auto invite

I thought this was a joke thread… until you stopped your post short and i realized no… you are 100% serious.

You’re a nobody. Sorry. You were part of the lotto and lost.

The steamers getting in is a myth … Not all streamers do. Methodjosh hasn’t gotten one. And I’d say he’s one of the bigger wow streamers.

Josh was banned before so he’s on the list

Blizzard should’ve never let people stream it in the first place. I feel like they should’ve known better. It really feels bad that popular people get a automatic invite. It’s like blizzard doesn’t care about the average gamer anymore.

Man… it’s crazy how some people interpret English:

we have met our current population needs for testing. We’ll regularly reevaluate the need for additional invites as we go through the testing process.

Clear as a bell. CURRENT population needs have been met. They will re-evaluate the need for more players as the BETA progresses. When they increase level cap, they will LIKELY add more people. They will have current players pushing the cap, wile the new people start leveling fresh.

That said… anyone’ best chances are the stress test invites.

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They’re not going to take away beta access to those who have it, and the ones who do are probably going to be playing the beta until it releases.

If the current needs are met, I don’t see it changing anytime soon, but hey, go ahead and use it as a means to launch a subtle personal attack.

People are making too much out of this streamer stuff. Compared to the actual testers, streamers make up an insignificant part of the beta population. Blizzard needs them to peddle Classic to tourists.

That being said, this is a beta, it’s not early access or a trial. They don’t need hundreds of beta servers. Millions of people have accounts created in 04/05 that did not get in.

Sodapoppin has been banned before, and he is in beta.


if you come to the forum to moan about not getting into beta, and then moan even more about streamers, you aren’t mature enough to be in beta.

sounds like kids not getting the toys they want.


or he’s expecting some loyalty from a company that he has given his money to for years despite them royally screwing up the game


Exactly, I’ve been a wow subscriber since vanilla and have been throwing my money at them. This beta should’ve been bigger in my opinion, like the bfa beta.


The special treatment for streamers is blizzard stepping into the wrong direction. The whole beta needed to be random with no handouts whatsoever.


I’m also an 04 account afflicted by severe beta thirst. What’s interesting though is that a lot of streamers are advocating for more players in the beta. Here’s hoping we all get in soon or August comes quicker!


Turn Classic into PTR, make it open to anyone with an active sub

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No personal attacks. just a serious observation. The post CLEARLY states that they had what they needed as of the time of the post… but that they would re-evaluate this number as the beta progresses.

No one said anything about BETA users being removed. As in any past beta… they have stopped invites until people spread out, and they included more content to be tested. Especially level caps.

Blizz is due to increase the level cap Soon™ and I’m sure they will “re-evaluate” the needs for testers.

Current testers will stay in… and push level cap while the new invitees will begin leveling and testing bugfixes that were put in place.

To infer:

We’re not likely to see new invites anytime soon, if at all.

Just doesn’t jive with what they said.

You don’t need to be subbed to play the BFA ptr.

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Isn’t that what BFA is? A test realm?

Hehe. I jest.

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This is the reason WOW turned into what it is today… just like what happened to Ultima Online years before… Whiny kids… so many good games ruined to please the masses of whiny kids…

Streamers = free advertising. If you want WoW Classic to be successful then you must learn to accept the way that Blizzard handled the invite situation. You’re account doesn’t even look like its active very much. Thats probably why you weren’t considered for beta ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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