High Elf Allied Race Megathread (Continuation)

The following thread is a continuation from the previous Megathread created in April of this year.

*Disclaimer: This is the Official High Elves Allied race mega thread, We want to respectfully keep the discussion to stay in this mega thread. As it stands we would like to keep it respectful and for the discussion to focus on the developments and the story of Quel’dorei (High elves) since the last mega-thread. We do not condone trolling from either side both for and against.


Created by Val(EU)

Lore of Alliance Allied High elves

Who they are:

The High Elves of the Alliance are a subrace of Thalassian Elves formed by many groups of High Elves aligned with the Alliance over Azeroth and Outland. Despite people associating them with the Blood Elves from Quel’thalas, those High Elves remain as a distinct group as they didn’t follow the same path as Kael’thas and the rest of their kin, preferring to remain in the Alliance and keep referring to themselves as High Elves.

In World of Warcraft they are present in many places and events as part of the Alliance, their main faction is The Silver Covenant, which is still in active as their mages maintain the portal to Dalaran in Stormwind. Representing the Alliance in the Argent Tournament, taking part of the Purge of Dalaran and leading the offensive in the Isle of Thunder are among their most important feats to the faction. In Legion they were one of the main forces in the Hunter Campaign and in the liberation of Suramar. As for BfA, they are mostly represented as mages, mainly in the 7th Legion as the Silver Covenant is so far absent.

The Dalaran High Elves are the largest population group of them, composed mainly by commoners and mages. The Silver Covenant is a military group of High Elves that have a district of Dalaran as their operational center, the Silver Covenant also serves as mediator to reunite the High Elves when a military effort is required.

The Allerian Stronghold is an Alliance settlement in Terokkar Forest built after the Second War by High Elves from Quel’thalas that volunteered to fight with the Alliance all the way to Draenor. They were led by Alleria Windrunner herself.

The Kalimdor High Elves are a group of elves that followed Jaina into the continent after the downfall of Lordaeron due to the Scourge. After the Battle of Mount Hyjal, they assisted Jaina in building Theramore and fought under it’s banners as long as the city stood.

There are also High Elves from lodges around the Eastern Kingdoms, namely the Quel’Lithien, Quel’danil and Farstrider lodges. They are composed by more nature inclined High Elves and skilled Rangers. - Written by Mowachassa (US)


Quel’Danil Lodge: The Quel’Danil (Thalassian for Highvale) High Elves are a group of Quel’dorei whom abandoned the practice of arcane magic following the Third War. In Vanilla World of Warcraft they were an Alliance friendly outpost targeted by the Horde players on behalf of the Revantusk. In Cataclysm, Quel’Danil remained strong and was bolstered by the addition of Draenei who came to the Hinterlands to study the Light.

Allerian Stronghold: The Allerian Stronghold is a home for the High Elves who followed Alleria Windrunner and joined the Alliance Expedition to the Orc homeworld of Draenor following the events of the Second War. They are led by Captain Auric Sunchaser, who has appeared at Quel’Danas as a representative for High Elven pilgrims visiting the Sunwell.

Dalaran: The fabled city of magic and learning, Dalaran, is home to a number of High Elves, and previously acted as the Headquarters for the Silver Covenant. Historically Dalaran has been the center for a gathering of magi, and there are still High Elves in the ranks of the Kirin Tor.

Stormwind: The capital city of the Alliance has a number of High Elves within it’s walls, with new NPCs having been added recently (7.3.5). - Written by Alurna@Moongaurd

Possible Classes:

Most Likely - Warrior; Hunter; Rogue; Mage; Priest; Paladin and Monk.

Unlikely - Druid and Shaman.

Shamans and Druids have the potential to be available classes for High Elves as a result of the Quel’Danil High Elves, who have given up the practice of Arcane Magic, and are long time friends and allies of the Wildhammer Dwarves, whom practice Shamanism, and may or may not practice Druidism. The abandonment of arcane magic by this faction of High Elves could leave room for them to seek other powers for survival. - Alurna@Moongaurd

Controversial - Warlock

Shouldn’t Happen - Demon Hunter and Death Knight.

Concept Art:

Created by Talendrion@WyrmrestAccord

Comparison between the Blood Elf Model and High Elf Concept:

Created by Kellie Lautier

Created by Nindraine@MoonGaurd

Created by Ecarp

Created by Stëphanie@Ysera

Created by Traycor

Created by LyrisSDawn

Other Concepts:

Skin Colour: High Elven skin tones could range between pale and tanned skin, these skin tones could have a blue undertone to their skin.

Eye Colours: Glowing Blue Eyes, Non-Glowing eyes with different colour Irises such as Green, Blue, Purple and Grey.

Hair Styles: High Elves could be given a range of different hair styles. High Elves from places such as Highvale could have ranger-esque styles such as a braid for example. Those from Dalaran could have Human influenced hair styles, a mixture of both Thalassian and Human.

Hair Colours: Hair colours for High Elves could range from Blondes, Browns and potentially Blues (as there are few High Elves with blue hair - of which are not available to Blood Elves).

Tattoos/Warpaint: High Elves could be given tattoos similar to Alleria’s to help distinguish them from Blood Elves. Arcane Runes could also be added as reference to Mages.

Jewelry (Females): High Elven females could be given feathers as well as simple silver necklaces or earrings.

Facial Hair (Males): Male High Elves could be given a range of facial hair, long and short as well as thicker styles.

New Idle Stance (Males and Females): New Idle stances can be given to both Male and Female High Elves to differentiate them from both Void Elves and Blood Elves.

Created by Mullinsthegreat

Mount: Updated Quel’Dorei Steed

Created by Ecarp

Heritage Armour Ideas

Created By Talendrion@WyrmrestAccord

Suggestions for a recruitment scenario

Going to all places with High Elves to assist and unite them into a single banner, maybe find a island on the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms to form a new kingdom of their own. Gathering spellcasters and important artifacts that are part of their history to execute a ritual that dissociate them from the Sunwell, starting a new chapter in their story. Calling them to elect a leader such as Vereesa Windrunner, potentially renaming them to Silver Elves as they want to made a new identity for themselves within the Alliance. Develop relations with the Void Elves, as they are also Thalassians and are led by Vereesa’s sister, Alleria. - Written by Mowachassa

Unification: Player Characters join a named major NPC (Alleria/Vereesa/Tyrande) on a mission to visit the major settlements of High Elves and see them joined together under a single banner.

Silver Covenant: The Silver Covenant seeks to replenish it’s ranks and begins recruiting promising Quel’dorei around the world, joined by the Player-Character, aiding the gathered characters with their local threats.

Highvale: The Quel’Danil Lodge comes under attack by the Horde. The Player-Character goes to their defense, and the Lodge thereafter pledges it’s strength to the Alliance in all of it’s battles.

Alliance Expedition: The elves of the Allerian Stronghold organize and come home at last, rejoining their kin and reminding them that the Alliance is a cause worth fighting for. Their leader would then pledge the service of the Expedition’s High Elves to the Alliance on Azeroth. - Written by Alurna@Moongaurd

Created by Spellblade Kyrie

Overview of what has been done to High Elves in BFA

Patches High Elves have played a role.

2.0 = Allerian Stronghold High Elves added with Quests.

3.0 - 3.2 - 3.3 = Silver Covenant and Alliance 7th Legion added with Quests.

4.1 = Rise of the Zandalari - The Silver Covenant takes part.

5.1 - 5.2 = Operation: Shieldwall, Kirin Tor Offensive and Purge of Dalaran etc.

Warlords of Draenor = Not featured.

7.0 = Silver Covenant helps the Hunter Lodge.

7.1 = Suramar Campaign.

7.2 = Silver Covenant helps on the Broken Shore.

7.3 = Veressa, Alleria and other High Elf moments.

7.3.5 = Three Sisters Comic

8.0 = Arathi Highlands Warfront 7th Legion Shield mages,Frostfencer Serphai and Quest giver Yvera Dawnwing added.

Archmage(US) has created a list of screenshots about High Elves in game:

The following are quotes have been gathered by Alamara@Goldrinn

Blood Elves = High Elves?

“We must put this misery behind us. We must enter a new chapter! And so I say to you that, as of this day, we are no longer high elves ! In honor of the blood that was shed throughout this kingdom, in honor of the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters, our parents, and our children, in honor of Anasterian… as of this day we will take the name of our royal lineage! As of this day, we are sin’dorei! For Quel’Thalas! Hail to the sin’dorei!”

– Kael’thas Sunstrider , Blood of the Highborne

"As I suspected, it gets worse up ahead. The Silver Covenant is outright attacking innocent Sunreavers !

This cannot stand. While our prime directive is to rescue Aethas Sunreaver, we must also protect as many blood elves as we can."

– Rommath , Quest: Violence in the Arena

“It unsettles me to have to fight directly with the high elves of the Silver Covenant … but I never tire of slaying Alliance.”

– Rommath , Quest: The Kirin Tor’s True Colors

“Do you know how many elves— sin’dorei and quel’dorei alike —died to defend that land? How many continue to die? And you say I should just let it go? What the hell is wrong with you?”

– Lor’themar Theron , In the Shadow of the Sun

Baenan spat on the floor near the elf’s feet. “Ye blood elves wouldn’t know nobility if ye had th’ definition tattooed on yer foreheads. Pathetic, slavering magic addicts, ye even sold out yer own people!”

Talithar’s face whitened, giving Baenan the satisfaction of having hit a nerve. He realized it was unwise to bait his jailor, but he was too angry to care.

“Aye,” he pressed, “I’ve met high elves in me life. I know what ye did tae them. I come from Loch Modan; I’ve heard th’ stories from th’ Farstrider lass there—”

– Quest for Pandaria, Part 4 , Link

“You think I do not know what I am? We sin’dorei were given a choice: our integrity or our well-being. As if that were any kind of choice at all. I chose my well-being. My wife chose her integrity.”

– Talithar Swiftwind , Quest for Pandaria, Part 4

One hundred years ago…

I and a small group of other High Elves traveled here from our homeland, Quel’thalas. We sought the ancient mysteries of Kel’thoril… to find why it was destroyed.

We found fragments in the ice, shards of the crystal. The Archmage we accompanied did not take long to fall under their sway. In our foolishness, we noticed too late.

His spirit wanders in the southeast, among those he drove to madness, still clutching the memory of the precious shard…

Maenius was a powerful mage and an honorable elf. His spirit did not deserve such an ignoble fate.

We were shocked before we died. Shocked that one among our noble and austere kind could descend into vicious obsession so quickly. We died as naive fools, the victims of our own blithe assumptions.

The living would know that these events would play out yet again… both here, and among the entire elven race with the fall of Quel’thalas.

Long after my death, my people would suffer an even greater mistake. The High Elves relied on the Sunwell and its glory. Never imagining a world without it, we would never make preparations to deal with such a fate.

Later, when the Sunwell fell to the forces of the undead, what was left of my descendants would be lost and helpless… and the path they would take in response would change them forever .

The Sin’dorei , still striving for redemption, would return here as well…

– Quel’dorei Spirit , Quest: Legacy of the High Elves and Quest: Descendents of the High Elves

We were not naive, as our forefathers were. We were suspicious and cunning and ready for betrayal at every turn.

Yet our pride and greed drove us to ruin once more. How many more will be lost to Kel’theril?

One year ago…

The legend of the Crystal of Zin-Malor reached Silvermoon, and I led a group of the finest warriors and scholars avaliable to this land. We brought ample mana crystals, so none of us would be tempted to taste the crystal itself.

The crystal did not need our hunger to ruin us. Once in our possession, it warped all but me into wretched beasts.

– Sin’dorei Spirit , Quest: Descendents of the High Elves and Quest: Pain of the Blood Elves

The opening of the Dark Portal brought news of my people’s fate. In a way, my exile shielded me from sharing in their downfall, but to see the Farstriders throw their lot in with Kael’thas

I never imagined my one-time brethren capable of such a thing.

The homecoming I once dreamt of will never happen. This forest is the only home I have left.

– Theloria Shadecloak , ( Link )

No, don’t feel bad. I get that a lot.

<Taela looks both amused and annoyed.>

I’m a HIGH elf, not a blood elf. Don’t worry, I’m not going to suck all of the magic out of you.

– Taela Everstride , ( Link )

With those vessels and their power in hand, the scattered survivors of my people can resist the lure of demonic magic. Every quel’dorei we can save from our prince’s folly is one more that can help us regain our lost glory.

– Ros’eleth , ( Quest: Vessels of Power )

The following list has been created by Bladinas@ScarletCrusade:

High Elf NPC List

Burning Crusade/Outland

Terrokar Forest- Allerian Stronghold/Post
Taela Everstride, Ros’eleth, Captain Auric Sunchaser, Aeman Brightsong, Theine >Brightsong, Innkeeper Biribi, Theloria Shadecloak, High Elf Ranger x6 =13

Area 52- Ravandwyr
Shattrath- High Elf Refugee x2(?)

Wrath of the Lich King/Northrend

Dalaran Northrend
Warcaster Faronoraithe, Warmage Yurias, Warmage Ilsuaria, Goldlily >Gleamingfell, Metopious Loreseeker, Darthalia Ebonscorch,Fialla Sweetberry, >Fabioso the Fabulous, Aimee, Teller Althiellis, Imindril Spearsong, Sabrina >Sorrowgaze, Olisarra the Kind, Andellion, Mona Everspring, Ildine Sorrowspear, >Enchanter Nalthanis, Kitz Proudbreeze, Paldesse, Karandonna, Dariness the >Learned, Arille Azuregaze, Warmage Lukems, Vereesa Windrunner, Archmage >John NIcholas, Arcanist Braedin, Arcanist Tybalin, Isirami Fairwind, Caliel >Brightwillow, Valaden Silverblade, Elizabeth Ross, Mirla Silverblaze, Archmage >Lan’dalock, Aemara, Kat Sunflower, Naseev, Rulen Lightreap, Ranger Selone, >Pathstalker Ralsir, Matron Alesso, Arcanist Miluria, Arcanist Uovril, Arcanist >Firael, Arcanist Ivrenne, Arcanist Adurin, Silver Covenant Guardian Mage x13, >and Silver Covenant Agent x1 = 55

Windrunner’s Overlook
Gelendror Whitewing, Scout Captain Daelin, Scout Yrbria, Landual Silverhart, >Aniduria, Miura Brightweaver, Silver Covenant Scout 13x, Silver Covenant >Horseman 6x = 25

Icecrown- The Skybreaker
Skybreaker Shield-Mage x6

Icecrown- Argent Tournament
Arcanist Taelis, Averith Swiftstrike, Scout Shalyndria, Narasi Snowdawn, Caris >Sunlance, Savinia Loresong, Hiren Loresong, Aspirant Forudir, Valiat Laradia, >Champion Isimode, Arcanist Asarina Fael Morningsong, Liere Morningsong, >Celian Daybreak, Hlidan Lightwing, Priestess Alorah, Silver Covenant Guardian >x11, Argent Peacekeeper x7(?) = 34

Quel’Delar’s Rest
Caladis Brightspear, Silver Covenant Sentinel x2 = 3

Hrothgar’s Landing
Captain Elleane Wavecrest, Silver Blade Sailor x6, Wavecrest Mariner x7 = 14

Dragonblight- Wintergarde Keep
Vas the Unstable, 7th Legion Battle Mage x8 =9

Borean Tundra- Magister Dath’omere
Grizzly Hills- Magistrix Haelenai
The Ruby Sanctum- Captain Iskandar
Ulduar- Kirin Tor Mage x4(?)

Cataclysm/The Old World Revamp

The Hinterlands- Quel’danil Lodge
Jalinde Summerdrake, Gilveradin Sunchaser (technically in Shindigger’s Camp- >but its close by,) Highvale Sentry x 14 = 16

Dustwallow Marsh- North Point Tower (Yes it’s still there after Theramore’s >destruction)
Captain Darill, Theramore Sentry x5(?) Theramore Infiltrator x9(?) = 14
(MIA Ysuria)

Stormwind City
Elsharin, Caledra Dawnbreeze, High Elf Sorceress x2, Silver Covenant Guardian >Mage x2 =6
(First Mate Wavesinger MIA)

Deadwind Pass
Archmage Leryda, Kirin Tor Mage x???

Eastern Plaguelands
Death Hunter Hawkspear, Kirkian Dawnshield, Adon

The Ghostlands- Hatchet Hills
Silver Covenant Ranger x 23
(technically there are 24, but #24 is “glitched” inside one, so I don’t think he >counts)
(Should technically be in the BC section, but this is the primary “new thing of the >expansion”)

Farstrider Lodge- Vyrin Swiftwind
Ratchet- Captain Thalo’thas Brightsun
Thousand Needles- High Elf Boat Partygoer x???
Mount Hyjal- Earthcaller Franzahl
Tanaris- Trenton Lighthammer
Stonetalon Mountains- Huntress Davinia
Darkmoon Isle- Darkmoon Carnie x1(?)

Mists of Pandaria

Isle of Thunder (INCOMPLETE)
Magister Lyanis, Magistrix Sanal, Vylene Amaranth, Magister Yalis, Silver >Covenant Spellblade x 30(!), Kirin Tor Guardian x4(?) Kirin Tor Defender x2(?) >Silver Covenant Ranger x 15(!) Silver Covenant Scout x ??? Kirin Tor Captive x3(?) >Kirin Tor Scholar x1(?) = 59
(This area was difficult to count due to all the densely packed NPC’s wandering >around, many were hard to keep track of. The (!) for the Spellblades and >Rangers were due to me losing track of them and maybe counting one more >than once or NOT counting one. There are a TON of them no doubt but I do feel >obligated to do a recount and maybe averaging the numbers.)

Towlong Steppes- Silver Covenant Guardian Mage x2
Vale of Eternal Blossoms- Kriss Goldenlight
Kun-Lai Summit- Master Cheng

Warlords of Draenor/AU Draenor

Shadowmoon Valley (Draenor)-Azara Goldenwing
Gorgrond- Researcher Sarix

Legion/The Broken Shore

Dalaran Legion
Elizabeth Ross, Rachele, Catriona Macrae, Archivist Elysiana, Raethan, Dalaran >Citzen x3(?) =8 (NEW)

Hall of the Guardian
Archmage Ominara, Ari, Chronicler Elrianne =3

Trueshot Lodge
Courier Larspur, Scout Brightspear

The Broken Shore- Magus Solgaze
Highmountain- Zenobia
Suramar- Silver Covenant Guardian Mage x2

Battle for Azeroth/Zan’dalar and Kul’Tiras

Yvera Dawnwing, Frostfencer Seraphi

Battle For Stromgarde- 7th Legion Shield Mage x2
Island Expeditions- Apprentice Karyn
Drustvar- Inanis

The following are comments from Members of the High Community with relation to High Elves:

Member comments.

High elves to me mean loyalty to friends and family above all. What I want specifically for them to be is to embody the ranger culture that was prevalent in the ranger core of quel’thalas. The classic wood elf feels but to also incorporate elements from the high elves of Stormwind and dalaran giving them magi and a link to the kirin tor as well as paladins.

I want those that chose to remain with the alliance for any number of reasons. - Fliktarg - US

To me, the High Elves are an adherence to tradition, principles, and family all while hoping for a better future. A renewed future. The High Elves have fought for peace and responsibility (especially in magical use as they are fully aware of the consequences) in the world since their exile from Kalimdor. The Sin’dorei, and now the Ren’dorei have all abandoned their traditional views and way of life when it comes to magical responsibility and traditional values. Values which were long intact due to lessons learned in the first coming of the Burning Legion. Those two have worked with and embraced the very forces that the Quel’dorei have long fought to keep at bay. It is as though they have completely forgotten their own heritage to become that which seeks power at any cost, regardless of the consequences. The Quel’dorei have held onto and openly embraced their traditional ways without succumbing to such a low and basal instinct as one would expect from the other races of Azeroth who are not nearly so long-lived and have not learned the same lessons as a whole people. They are unique, filled with an unwavering integrity in the face of even the darkest days and the ravages of the scourge. Instead of succumbing to the darkness of fel and void like many of their kin they have embraced their unique, continuing cultural identity with renewed fervor; never betraying their principles. Never becoming the ‘joiner’ in the 'if you can’t beat them, join them," mentality. They truly are High Elves in name, action, and in continued principles; which makes them an undeniable and unique bright star in the Warcraft universe.” - Arisena Sunsworn

“To me, High elves represent the Alliance more than most of the races currently in it. They are a strong, independent people who parted from their kin during the most difficult times. And unlike the Blood elves, they never lost their way. They’ve stayed true to themselves and to the Alliance. That loyalty is something that most playable races today lack. They have always believed in the Alliance, and for that reason alone, they should finally be their own playable race.

And on a more serious note…

Their inclusion as a playable race would be a really nice gesture to Alliance players amongst the current hostility. Sometimes, it feels like Blizzard is putting Horde players’ opinions first with every new feature. For once, I’d like to see them put the Alliance first, and give us something of actual value. Give us something that makes us proud to be playing our faction.” - Stephanië US

“High Elves, why should they be added? Well in my opinion not because of what they are, but because of what they represent. High Elves were always deeply connected with azerothian humanity and served as something like (analogically) its older cousins. They tutored humankind since its very origin in Arathor and continued to teach other (now Alliance) races and nations about the world. It’s because of them that Alliance exists in its current form and i feel like it’s really shame that they can’t be officially part of what they helped to build.“ - Spinel EU

High Elves are the Elves who choose loyalty over nationality. People who chose their friends over their brethren. They are the elves who overcame the mana addiction without fel magic. I want them because they have a lot to bring to the lore of Warcraft and represent a missed opportunity at deepening the story behind the Alliance/Horde conflict

Also, Elves just belong with humans dwarves and gnomes - Enariel (CrazedRaven) - US

Allied Race counter parts

  • Sanlayn
  • Forest Troll
  • Ogre
  • Gilgoblin

These are potential suggestions, however it would be fair for the Horde to decide what AR they would hope to get.

Created by LyrisSDawn


YouTube Videos gathered by Callistus@WymrestAccord

Video list

https://youtu.be/AUik9-2ygS8?t=2780 2 - Q&A April 26, 2018 Ion Gaffe.

https://youtu.be/RQzlcmD-1ZM?t=1917 1 - Looking into Discussions of Allied Races for excitement.

https://youtu.be/z8YhSMsXIW8?t=1413 1 - Ion German Interview

https://youtu.be/8nGnT6WZbeI?t=1456 2 - Void Elf Customization

https://youtu.be/8nGnT6WZbeI?t=886 1 Kul’Tirans no Mage

https://youtu.be/BhpGvgXyi-U?t=2404 1 - Gold Eyes for Blood Elves

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyDQF0SisAA&feature=youtu.be&t=4m13s 1 It’s High elves

https://youtu.be/8nGnT6WZbeI?t=1133 - Alex Afrasiabi - Best way to give feedback

Video Links to pertinent segments of Q&A moments.

If you would like to view High Elf concepts for an Allied Race, you could visit our Tumblr page:

You can also read more on High Elves here:


Taliesin & Evitel’s High Elf Video:

If you’d like to join a place to discuss High Elves, you are free to join the community Discord

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From now till the end of time you will have my support.

For the Quel’dorei!


You guys got a good thing going here. I wish you luck in your efforts.


My support for playable Quel’dorei for the Alliance!


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I am opposed to playable Alliance high elves, also…
I would like to see Alliance high elf NPCs less often.


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This is never going to happen. They’re not going to add a lore sidelined fragment group of a fragment group with the same character model and skin tones as an playable apposing faction race to the alliance. It’s doesn’t make any technical sense, or lore sense, and they already gave void elves to the alliance as the final solution to this problem.

Seriously, no one wants to play world of elfcraft, elfheim online, elfquest, the elf scrolls online.


Always have my support. The kneelers will say otherwise.


A lot of people here disagree with you. No other idea has been controversial or supported has High Elves.

No one is forcing you to play High Elves. Let people have their fun


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Not true at all. You could say the same thing about pathfinder or raid finder. I also already mentioned how it affects me. We need less elves, not more. The horde has more blood elves than orcs. Does that make sense? #nomoreelves


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They can defy us, they can forsake us, but the Quel’dorei will endure as long it takes!


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Gameplay does not reflect lore.
Pathfinder and LFR is controversial to be sure, but nowhere near has supported or controversial due to the fact that this is the 3rd time we had to post a new Megathread, with both previous times almost hitting the 20k cap.
Your stance on elves is an opinion not a fact
Elves have always been the popular fantasy race.
The true key to diversity is to add more elves believe it or not.