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Battle for Azeroth 8.2.5 - Info & Known Issues (3)

Some features that you’ll find in this update:   New Worgen and Goblin Character Models Stormsong Valley’s Newest Hive - New Mount and More War Campaign Conclusion Party Sync Recruit a Friend - Returning Soon B…

WoW: Classic – Free Character Migrations (5)

We recently announced that we would be activating Free Character Migrations for select high population Classic realms. It’s been a while since we’ve enabled Character Migrations like this, and we understand that there ar…

Support Contact Channels (3)

If you are looking for support on a particular aspect of the game, we hope the following will help. Customer Support Start Here: Get Help Support Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Note: You may access the Support …

Welcome to the Customer Support Forum! (5)

The Customer Support forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources,…

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