How to Perfectly Balance the Game

This only applies to the OWL games.
And the balance created in OWL games would be carried over to the ladder.

For the sake of this discussion OWL will be played in the No Limit format.

The HP pools of the heroes are adjusted after the end of each week.

-Every time a hero has won a match, their HP pool is decrease by one point.
-Every time a hero has lost a match, their HP pool is increased by one point.
-If a hero wasn’t chosen during the entire week, their HP pool will increase by one point.
-The six heroes that were most played during the entire week will have their HP pool decrease by one point.

The way it works for multiple heroes played is that you can’t just play one second and that counts towards a hero being played. You have to get a kill, score 25 points of damage, progress capture of a point etc. There would have to be some minimum threshold.

Have a publicly viewable stock chart that shows current HP pools and wins and losses for all the heroes.

The idea behind this is that no hero will become OP. Because players will pick the OP hero and win, thus driving that hero’s HP pool down.

Furthermore, you can add and subtract and nerf and buff as many abilities as you want, because it will always balance itself back out.

I suggest that these HP pools be carried over to ladder even it creates 6 must picks for GMs down to Bronze.

(here’s a side note: when I originally came up with this idea a hero’s left click was what was to be buffed or nerfed (but it can get muddy with Mei and such.) I don’t think changing HP pools is the correct choice aesthetically, however it is the most practical and straightforward. Function over form. And choosing HP over primary fire is pushing the line aggressively imho :slight_smile:

This is a horribly awesome idea. I would love to see what would happen but it would kinda ruin the game as well


you want balance or not? :stuck_out_tongue:

Spamming a terrible idea doesn’t make it a less terrible idea.

This is, and will always be, a terrible idea.

Also, No Limits will never come back as the main game mode, and thank goodness for that.


No Limit format? 6-torb team vs 6-orisa team?

Yeah, that’s what he’s talking about. Overwatch was briefly no limits. It was almost constantly 6 stacks of Tracers, Meis, Winstons, etc. No tactics or strategy, just spamming.

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so they would use torb and orisa so much that their HP would drop, and people will start picking other heroes

I’m not gonna lie this is definitely one of the more unique approaches to balance I’ve seen. I’m not sure it would necessarily work as cleanly as it suggests, but I would certainly be willing to see the results of such an idea :slight_smile:

Oops bad me for necroing a thread… Shame on me for not checking the date. Shame on you Tactician for linking to such an old thread in one of your replies!

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This wouldn’t fix it at all…

Unless you mean to force them to use other heroes and prevent copy+pasting matches then by all means they should totally do that.

it’s not to necro. I see lots of complaints on the forums that can be solved (imho) by these four main ideas I have, this is one of them.

but thanks for the endorsement. what problems might you foresee with my idea? maybe I’ll have to change it :slight_smile:

Oh no I’m just poking fun and using it as an excuse for my stupidity :slight_smile:

so you think my plan is bulletproof, no?

Probably not bulletproof by any means, but I think I can say it would be an interesting experiment. It’s somewhat “self regulating,” so to speak, but I could certainly foresee some flaws in the idea.

My primary concerns would be that due to the limited number of OWL players and the general skill disparity between some of the teams you could end up in scenarios where you could provide significant benefits for a small handful of exceptionally skilled players (either allowing them to play a hero in a buffed state while others continue to fail and then buffing the hero even more) or allowing some players to make even more use of heroes even when weak while other teams would struggle a lot more.

I’m not comprehending, please elaborate.

so let’s say there’s a widow god in OWL. everyone else plays widow and it’s around 50% winrate, but he widow god has an 80% winrate. Widow will loose 1hp to her health pool every week.

this seems that you’re looking at the start of the process, you have to look at it after it’s been going on for a whole or half of a season at least, you know. Sorry if I misunderstood your point.

I’ll think about it more.

To kind of give you the reverse of your own example, imagine there’s a few players in OWL that were just absolutely godlike at Widow. These players may be so good that they can make her work even after a long period of losses (such that now sh’es maybe down to 190HP - which can be a critical point since that’s a one-shot from a good ashe, for example). Meanwhile other teams who don’t have a player even close to as good on Widow and struggle to use her, which makes it even worse because Widow is actually one of the better counter-Widow heroes. Attempts to counter-pick Widow into one of these other Widows also means that these matches have a 50% winrate (no change per your specifications) which can exacerbate this a bit because she stays like this for a prolonged period of time.

But all of this is very highly theoretical. It could simply not happen like that at all. I’m certainly no expert into the mind of an OWL player.

and when she starts approaching that 190hp threshold, don’t you think the OWL widow gods will try to push their luck? and loose in the process?

what you’re describing will drag out the process, but not stop it entirely.

I’ll still have to think about what you said, I’m just giving you my off the cuff response

When you’re in the NFL and the opposing team has a great running back, you don’t ask you’re running back to gain more yards, you ask your linebackers to stop the good running back. Same in OWL. They won’t send an average widow to counter the widow god. They’ll send an average Winston :slight_smile:

If you have someone who knows they’re godlike at a specific hero, I definitely think they’ll push their luck here and there. It doesn’t even have to be a net nerf situation (i.e. <200HP), it could just be a “not strictly favored” scenario where they can still hold a decent advantage.

here’s where the idea sprang from

imagine if my idea was impliemented for everyone between 2200sr and 2800sr. and everyone outside of this range we won’t talk about right now :slight_smile:

no new players would enter here. It would just be a huuuge amount of players all balancing the game as it went along. If my idea was implemented, I think the balance would be near perfect. Sure you can get the same results from a “balancing team” like they have now, but why bother when the algorithm will figure out how to balance the game.

Of course it is. According to the original post, you’ve spammed links to this in 38 different unrelated threads. In addition to hijacking other people’s threads, you’re spamming this absurd idea that will never, ever happen. It’s ridiculously simplistic and would lead to amazing amounts of griefing.

Please, stop spamming.

I just don’t see this happening, but I’m willing to listen.