Insane Acti/Bliz Thrash-Quotes Compilation




i mean this is just from a few threads, like wow. I got too tired to post any more, but this is so crazy. Everywhere I click there is massive hate everywhere. How is this not making a difference by now? Maybe it is a hopeless effort. Not complaining will ruin the game, and complaining ruins it too. This seems like a literal no-win scenario for HotS


Wow I don’t believe it, this truly your worst thread to date.

Do you need a hug?


no, i think blizzard employees need a hug.

as much as ive bashed certain aspects of this game myself, i think that all this is fruitless. i said people should complain more, not less, and now that it is actually happening i am starting to have a change of heart.

this game is not as bad as people say. in actuality, based on how all of my threads have been vindicated over time, i think blizzard has done its best and the culprits of the negative changes have been out of their direct control.

it is true, activision burns everything it touches. people are now making blizzard synonymous with activision, and that is not a reality.

all of the great successes of blizzard have been overshadowed by failures induced by tides of war against people that had nothing to do with the actual development of the game whatsoever.

im starting to think that ‘blizzard’ and the employees people point fingers at are in the end not responsible for the ‘bad’. i think the devs tried everything they could and failed to satisfy the overwhelming demands made all across the board. im starting to realize that the expectations people have had, myself included, are unrealistic and we are wrong to point fingers this way.

this is just sad. and i dont think the fault lies with the people we think they do.

the monster corporate conglomerate controllers have thrown up road-blocks to every single possible avenue of improvement ever attempted. the real people who are to blame for the negative slope are faceless and nameless, we have all been looking in the wrong direction. the common denominator to all of the failures that have happened in the past year are not the fault of the players or the development, it is the people that control them.


People will hate it if you do not hate it with them. That’s the only way they feel better about themselves. If the game is truly terrible they would of left already, and never come back. If they truly hate the game, why are people so full it and come back to a game they do not like? What lame excuse do they have to stay?
Generally these are people who complain the most tend want the easy game handed to them. Ez pz, mostly weenies.


The game is well polish, but it went all over the place with different leadership and designers.

I started playing this game 4 years ago, I really enjoyed it. But the game is different now. I am no proud to be part of this compilation, but I did really enjoy the game. I just didn’t like the changes when 2.0 came, esport foscus and overwatch mobility took over with dabiri. And I have been active here since.


No at this point its a fairly good use of the flags. I dunno about you but I am sick and tired of this garbage from what is obviously 1 person now. This is at the same level of being certifiable the way Rationtail is.


that’s because its been a no win scanerio. that roman guy said it best.

when we can neither withstand are vices nor the cure comment.

its not just happening here its happening every where. the sheer number of people who comment on youtube displaying amazing amount of ignorance on the trump Russia wall bs is astounding.

im not trying to derail this by making this comment I just wanted to note this nonsense is literally everywhere now and I tink people are only just now waking up to it.

I had a ifunny post show up today that was a case and point for why the ban bot should never of been added to the game.

there are 2 groups of people now. those that can have discourse and behave like adults.

then all the brats that hear anything that isn’t what they believe and reeeee and tantrum and walk away while going lalala.

literally the post had a guy sitting there trying to talk to them and the brats went toxic toxic toxic don’t listen to his lies lalalaalal walk away he literally just sat there as they walked away. they don’t do that online. they sit there and kick and scream until some forum admin/dev bans. it shows how rampant it is now.


its as bad as people say and has been since 2.0 if what my friend said about the game back then is true like it was about the recent gameplay then its every bit as bad as people say because of the reasons people say.

no game is perfect. but when a company actively makes everything worse don’t defend them


Jeeziana louisiana, how long are single posts allowed to be?


So thats not what that means? Can you explain it then?


If I was bored enough darling I could troll the forums an compile a opposite list of positive quotes equally as redundant. These are discussion forums, both positive and negative opinions and everything in between are going to discussed.


Woot ! First 2 posts !

But in all seriousness , why are my post categorized as "blizzard fan boy " ?
I genuinely dont like activision , why should i ? They always oversaturate their own games or end up messing it up.

Activision is the reason we got diablo 3 the way we did. I was highly looking forward to buy sekiro: shadows die twice as ive been a big souls fan , but after knowing activision was going to be their publishers i went from a "im buying this game 100% on release date " to " absolutely not !! " because i know they will force from software to changes things so the game isnt too hard or fit the game for the skill levels of 10-14 year old players .

Like i said , they always end up burning everything they touch.


I wouldn’t take is seriously. I was quoted with a joke post about the current state of AI. If being mildly and satirically critical of the AI changes in last patch means I’m a hater, I’m ready to accept that mantle darling.


He isn’t saying that you’re a blizzard fan boy I don’t think. I think it’s just that your post was made in a thread with that title.

I stand by the two post so I made in this OP.

I actually had a few better ones in other threads though. What Activision has done to blizzard is downright criminal and makes me very very sad


Just so everyone knows, my quote was completely changed to the opposite of what I actually said. That’s not how quotes work. Also, the reason why nobody’s name is in the quotes is because the OP altered the quoted text. He probably didn’t realize that the new website was smarter then him.

The full quote is:



I doubt you could get even half as many as he posted, heck I doubt you could get even one quarter of the amount of positive quotes.


Get this trash out of my face. All of the things you quoted from me were taken out of context and/or massively overblown. Yes, I believe that HOTS could have been done better and yes, I believe that it has made some pretty poor decisions re: content generation and finances. But criticism - especially valid criticism - isn’t thrashing and the stuff I’ve said doesn’t come anywhere near “insane”. I don’t know why you decided to reach so hard when it came to me, but you have massively misrepresented my stance on things.

And you know what else?

I love HOTS and if you took two seconds to look at my profile and read my highest-rated reply, you’d know that. It’s honestly impressive to me that you didn’t, considering that the thread itself is centered around anonymous Blizzard employees talking about how HOTS was a failure.


Just do what I do, report for trolling.


how much time did it take you to write this post? How is it possible for someone to white knight this hard?


that is exactly the point of this thread. i saw much more hate than anything, it was unbelievable how quickly things have turned around recently.

indeed you are right, this was a misquotation. there is an explanation, but it is irrelevant. just know that i never noticed, the speed at which i was working with my mobile device and some kind of strange word-wrap error cut the text in half and i highlighted it improperly, i would hope anyone else who noticed something like this would come forward. i would never misquote someone on purpose, because i know from experience how the hawks operate around here, they catch any and every mistake so please continue on. but it is not the first time i have made this error. mostly i was rushing.

then correct it, but i basically take things very literally when i see them.

probably no more than 5-10 minutes, but i was overwhelmed by this negativity. i read the forums regularly and have NEVER seen so much hate at the same time, talk about out of proportion.