WoW Classic Stress Test – June 19-21

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We’ll have our next stress test for WoW Classic on 2019-06-19T21:00:00Z. This stress test will be accessible to anyone with an active World of Warcraft game account in the Americas & Oceania region. For players who have not yet tested World of Warcraft Classic, the game will become available for download late tomorrow, June 18. We’ve posted some additional info here.

For this stress test, all races and classes will be available for creation, and the maximum character level will be capped at 15. In addition to the open world, there will be instanced content available at that level. This will include Warsong Gulch for PvP as well as Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, and Deadmines. Of course, Deadmines will be a challenge for players to complete at this level.

Please focus as much play as possible during the first three hours of the stress test. During this time, we’ll be looking for more issues to address under initial launch conditions. The stress test realm will remain available for 48 hours.

If you encounter any issues during the test, please let us know by using the in-game bug reporting tool. If there is anything you’d like to discuss further, feel free to post here in the Classic Discussion forum.

Thank you very much!

Stress Test Details – June 19
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Stress Test Details – June 19
Stress test today doesn't require Sub
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Stress test today doesn't require Sub
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Thanks for the hit.

(Scrawny) #12

Read it again. It’s not US only.

(Malaw) #13

48 hours of free to play to level 15 anywhere, anywhen to anyone with a license, and we still have people complaining.



Blockquote This stress test will be accessible to anyone with an active World of Warcraft game account in the Americas & Oceania region.

Looks like everyone with an active subscription.


So they delete critical comments now? Screenshot. It’s disgusting that EU and other regions are being left out.


Just an idea here…As long as Blizz is allowing this many players in the stress test why not leave the servers up over the weekend as well and take it down on the following Monday? That would be a big stress test…lol


Why is that disgusting?


I think it’s so glaringly obvious that it doesn’t warrant spelling it out.


“All races and classes” so this means I can play as a Troll Paladin? :thinking: :wink:


HYPERS :slight_smile:


I don’t see the issue

(Leaf) #23

So if I resub now I can play the stress test?


thanks for having us uninstall it then


Who’s ready for the log in Boss :raised_hand:


Lol, the game is like a 4.5gig download.


I am…I heard he drops great lootz :smiley:


you think we can PLAY this test did you not see how it went for 5000 people Im sure this will work just fine.


Thank you Blizz! Looking forward to it!