Stress test today doesn't require Sub

You would think but at the same time why did blizzard say specifically you had to be subbed for beta, then for this stress test they left out “sub” and just said “active”. Active could just be a created account that you can log in with.

At the same time, what better way to test the layer and get a somewhat better idea of player base than letting EVERYBODY in. There are 16 total servers to choose from…so one can only guess how many players they’re expecting.


Could be the case. The install being available to all even without access doesn’t surprise me either.

Verified. I don’t have a subbed account and I have it. Thanks for the info.

An active account can play until level 20 without a sub in live wow. So basically if your account isn't banned you're GTG.

EDIT - So looks like I was completely wrong. I just checked my SOs account status since they are not subbed. It is Inactive so I completely borked that one.

Would be great if true! I have a sub so I can’t test this theory, but hoping for others this means they can get in.

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Right from the stickied blue post.

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I’ve been subbed for a while so I can’t confirm, but the more the merrier. Let’s melt these servers!


Pretty sure anyone can download it.
Now then. Let’s think about how Blizz words things. Go to your account settings page. If you are subbed (paid game time however you personally word it) next to your account it will say “active”. If you do not have paid game time, it will say “inactive”.
Taking this into account, I am 99.99999% sure that when Blizzard says that this is open to anyone with an active account, they mean for those who have paid game time.
Apologies for any bubbles that might have been burst.


I’m staring at the realm selection screen as I type. If my account wasn’t “active” it wouldn’t let me log in period. Would stop me with “expired game time”, however, I’m also not subbed.

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I guess we’ll have answers in about 4 and half hours. I do hope I’m wrong! The more the merrier!

Do you not see the blue post?

Have you updated your Blizzard Launcher recently? I had a prompt to update last night, World of Warcraft Classic appeared in my Live Versions section afterwards.

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So you created a character?

Active Game Account = A game account for WoW with game time. Not a BattleNet account.

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As in Realm Select, where they’re all Offline. Of course he hasn’t created a character yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, when you do, let us know. Somehow your lack of sub might kick in. I’m guessing its a remnant of the fact that Trials let you get all the way to the Character list on Retail.


And that’s the point: you can launch the realm selector on retail, too. That doesn’t mean you can play your characters (unless they’re level 20 or less). They already said there won’t be any free to play in Classic so the <20 doesn’t apply.

There isn’t a mechanism to stop people from downloading, installing, or even launching the game without game time. In fact, why would they want to do that since it’s one portal to purchase game time now?

Post back after one of you without any game time are actually able to create a character (and play it). Staring at an offline server selection screen isn’t indicative that you will be able to play the game at all.


No harm in waiting for the servers to launch for the confirmation, though.

Can just sub when the servers launch if you can’t do anything without one, I would also be interested in knowing how that goes for you.

It would be a true stress test though if they let non paying people in.
I would go to assume most people waiting for Classic are not subbed.

I really doubt they will though.

Stress Test #3 may be a free for all, and hopefully include our EU friends as well. That’d be the biggest and best test for Blizzard to hone server stability.

The fact that you could install, log in and get to the realm list means nothing.

I have no sub. On retail I get to the character select screen and then get a popup about game time and asking me if I want to use a token.

I can switch servers as well to see my other toons.

All my toons have (inactive) next to them.