I have the option to download classic but do I need an active sub to play?

Not true, i can play beta and don’t currently have any game time.

Not upsetting at all. Its been announced.

If you get to play . . cool
If not, just pick up some game time if you are afraid of missing out that much. It’s not that expensive.

I do hope you get to play.

You sir might be on to something

Can confirm that Blizzard said it requires an active subscription. Which makes sense, otherwise the servers would just be overloaded as they have no way to know the maximum number of people who might log in.

You don’t need a sub to play retail wow either but after level 21 you do.

The same could apply to the stress test realms (as it works after level 21 on retail realms) but no one will know until those realms come online

There we go. Looks like you might get to play after all.


I hope you get to play. Be patient and keep slamming the server.

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Well I have 2 things on mine world of warcraft live. Which just today added a wow classic DL to it. And on the in development tab the ptr and beta and stress test wow classic.

Did i get full beta access now or is this just how they are conducting this 3rd test?

edit Ive played the 1st and 2nd stress tests*

Blizzard stated that you do not need BfA, but you DO NEED an active sub.

I would assume it is for the stress test. I have been in the stress tests only and that’s what mine says as well. I hope yours is a full blown beta, though!

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i believe the “active sub” was just to get into beta…for the stress test you just need an account.

to be specific … and active account

whatever that means !

just means an account that is not banned.

Honestly I’d love to try it also. I’m down to three classes to choose from to play, and though I’m leaning heavily toward Mage I’d like to try them all out so when classic launches I can just make my toon and go. But I will not resub for a 48 hour stress test LOL. Nope.

They should make this one available to anyone, subbed or not. If they really want to know if the server can handle it that is. Because there are a lot of players who will not resub for a stress test or a chance at getting into the beta who do plan to resub when classic launches. They’re going to have a much bigger rush on the servers at launch than they can test for as it is now.



It says “active game account”, not “account”.

I have an account.
But my account is “inactive” cause I don’t have a sub currently.

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Sub required confirmed. Once you select a realm it says, “Active game time is required in order to play World of Warcraft: Classic (WOW51900331)”

Apparently you do need a sub to participate in the stress test. Oh well :confused: don’t feel like resubscribing, current retail wow is just not for me.

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wouldnt that be more like an actual stress test then?
they have no idea how many people MIGHT decide to play once the game is actually out. Right now they are artificially capping the results.


requiring a sub to STRESS TEST is a dumb idea. They are preventing possibly millions that might would STRESS the servers by not allowing them to actually log in.

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