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A shield dropped from one of the wolves I killed. So I ran around punching mobs wearing a shield!

There were so many people in the starting area that I couldn’t finish even the first quest! But it was fun and stressful and more fun. Then more stress.

The rollout on the stress test was not great though, I spent a few hours trying to log in and finally got in at 11:30 PM only to be unable to get past the character creation screen.

Hopefully future rollouts will be better.


Yar, apparently that stress test went so badly (as in sure, they learned things, but not the things they wanted to test) they are doing another one again today.

I tried logging on, but hung up at the connecting to realm prompt. So, seems like they have not done it again.

Adamar and I gave them a big “YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!”

Neat, looks like the stress test is working right now.

I wanna play classic >.< this wait is killing me…

There is another stress test coming up. Looks like it is available to anyone with an active WoW subscription.

Neat to bad I can’t stream it but oh well broke PC is broke. Huzza for something fun to do.

8.2 is out! Mech-gnome zone is amaaaaazing.

I’m enjoying the two zones a lot, and Najatar (I refuse to learn how to spell this correctly) is pretty large and challenging.

Woo! I do find that I’m being super aggressive with questing so that’s a sign that I’m enjoying myself. Going through the new area with my Fury Warrior, Feidhelm.


I didn’t find the Naga area to interesting (its like Argus but with A spash of Azshara being like Arthas was in WoTLK all over the place being annoying) dunno where to go to check out the mecha gnome’s that sounds like it could be a fun since gnomes tend to be goofy.

I liked that they seemed to actually try to design a zone that takes flying into consideration. I don’t like that we don’t have flying yet. I have gotten a lot of use out of the goblin gliders, to be sure. I’d like to see more easter egg bits of things on plateaus and such that are only reachable with glide or flying. Maybe there are some and I’ve not glided onto them yet?

Aside from that it seems to be the standard catch up do things entertainment zone. That’s fine. The predictable story turn around where we have to work against a common enemy was unsurprising, yet still jarring. Of course the main story arc this expansion has been jarring in general.

The mechagnome island is really cute, plus there were rocket packs you could build yesterday and fly around the island!

I’m a fan of the questing in Najatar but not so much Mechagon as the quests feel more organic. I like the flavoring of Mechagon over Najatar as I love gnomes. I really hope the mechagnomes are the next allied race. Fish people are okay, I guess, but I hate their voices. Like weirdly autotuned androgenous and creepy.


I CAN HAS FLYING! WOOOO! ZOOOOOOOOOOM! I’ve only fallen to my death a handful of times.

Also, fun falling to my death story: I was wandering Nazjatar and got pretty high up (before I had flying) and there was an inconvenient hole that I ran over and fell. I was playing my warrior, Feidhelm, and was like, “Oh that’s no problem, I’ll just use heroic leap” and before I landed, I used it successfully…and landed in the middle of the horde camp. Get flagged from damaging NPC’s and they’re hitting me and I’m slowed trying to run away, and fall off another cliff. This time heroic leap was on cooldown and I misclick the glider and fall to my death for realsies.


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You can fly! You can fly! You can fly!!

Payny, is it me or is the new raid a lot easier than previous raids? I was talking to Leruen about it and he said it’s because back then we didn’t have a Sels or Ayiesha which I fully agree, have been totally invaluable.


The new fights have not highlighted things we are bad at thus far. The first fight of Dzzarawhatever featured switching to adds at certain times, interrupting said adds for certain things, and someone who does not normally tank shapeshifting into a bear to facilitate a tank swap. Those are all things we are bad at.

After that was down, if you recall, the other two died with zero effort. Then there was the split the raid fight, something we are bad at. Made even badder by the fact we usually just run 10 people. After getting past that, things went okay again, until blockade which was another split the raid fight. After fumbling around with that for months, we killed Jaina. Dead.

The new fights also have made a lot more sense coherently. I was able to re-describe them the second time around to the new folks to the raid in a few brief statements, instead of a half-hour long drone-on of trying to explain a vast portfolio of seemingly random happenings and phases.

That said, I don’t want to downplay our newly poached mythic raiders’ experience in the matter. The fact they’ve spent the first part of the week practicing the fights on harder modes, and thus know when to call out the bad things for you guys really takes a lot of responsibility off of you all to learn these things yourself! :>

They also help inflate our numbers, too. Last week we had 15 + people in the raid, as opposed to our traditional 10. That makes a world of difference, too. When one of us fails and dies when we are running 10, its over.

But yeah, normal new raid has been pretty fun and easy. Clearly we need to be doing hardmode this tier. :>

Hardmode sounds scary. I like the mode where we kill things with minimal effort and where I’m not a perpetual corpse midfight.


But we are down to the last two bosses now, what will we do when we win? Hardmode!

Or play Classic, I guess. :> We’ll be making For Death and Glory Classic on the RP server. Adamar and I have mines, towers and choke points to defend.

Does anyone know if the classic servers will have forums? If they do I should create a Feisty corner there. That’ll make our transition over much comfier.


Nothing is as classic as the Feisty corner.

I… thought they would, but I looked over the forums, and did not see any for the separate new servers. I would have thought they would have set those up already since folks can save a name on them - give a chance for the communities to get to know one another? I dunno!

So Classic is as grindy as it ever was, only there’s TONS of people doing the same exact thing I am trying. I’m kind of looking forward to the starting zones clearing out a bit before I attempt leveling a character.