Oceanic servers - a sudden need for clarity

The stress test for NA and Oceanic, yes, but thats not what us oceanic players are talking about. Australians want OCEANIC servers LOCATED in Australia. Just because the realmlist will have an OCE server list doesn’t mean they are actually located in australia. We want the ability to play at very low latency just like NA players can.
After the recent events, im not so sure myself. Needing clarity and confirmation here.


After what they’ve just pulled in terms of EU realms, brace yourself for disappointment and be prepared to let rip here.

One thing that annoys me about current retail OCE realms is that the day/night cycle is locked to the US PDT time zone, so the day/night is off, the Nelf racials are off. Your servers were relocated in Nov 18 yet they still locked your servers mechanics to PDT. Sure, the clock shows AEST, but go to the city on the hour and count the bells.

If they can’t fix this, it doesn’t look good for Classic.

Oh far out… what happened specifically with the EU release?

I think i’ll struggle to go back to 200ms ping…….

They’re saying that there won’t be language specific servers. So basically if there’s say ten servers, all of them are multi-lingual - or Blizzard might state they have to be English, I dunno, but they’re basically forcing everyone who speaks every single different language to coexist on a given realm.

That’s awesome. I played FFXI and FFXIV 1.0 where the servers were in Japan. Yeah ping wasn’t great but I really liked playing with a global community. They even have an auto translate system for commonly used phrases and all spell names, locations, etc…

I am also worried. There has been heaps of posts asking for clarity but no response. There’s also the notion that they are persisting with Leeway, which could be to try and combat the fact that we’re gonna be facing 300+ ping

Personally I wouldnt struggle to play on 300 ms, I straight up would not play

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No announcement or response to the many posts and now this has me very concerned

I just hope Blizzard doesn’t take a page out of Bioware/EA’s book in regards to swtor and oceanic server shutdowns. The community asked for a server merge for the better part of 8 months to only recieve silence till they announced out of the blue they were shutting down oceanic servers and forced migrating everyone to US servers.Oceanic population halved overnight then quartered before it happened.

Letting the community know at the last minute is going to leave alot of us with an incredibly sour taste in our mouths. We’ve grown accustomed to sub 100 ping for the last 6 years and while the ping isn’t as terrible now (200 vs 280-350) it’s not upto blizzards standard.

Give us one pvp and one pve server and let us work off that.

From memory, when Oceanic servers first came out in Vanilla the servers were still physically in the US but designated Oceanic to concentrate the community. By 1.12 there were well and truly a handful of such Oceanic servers.

I mean, sure, in the spirit of #nochanges we could have #nochanges 200 ms ping for an “authentic” nostalgic experience… but obviously an oceanic based oceanic server will be most preferable. (The worst of course would be none at all).

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laughs in European

I feel ya, I really do. I get about the same latency as you do to NA servers.

That said, I noticed my ping to the beta servers being better than live. What gives?

I don’t think that’s part of the authenticity mandate for Classic. Ping, server infrastructure, underlying tech, it’s all modern. Otherwise you may as well argue you can only play on Pentium 3’s with CRT monitors and modem connections.

Classic is a modern recreation of vanilla gameplay, not tech.

Actually the “Americas” region. Latin America got in too.

Actually …

Yes? Latin America is in the Americas region, and Oceania is part of the same region. Originally Oceanic servers were in Los Angeles.

A better description might be “Euro-Pacific Region” but that would anger much of South America.

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Oceanic servers yes
Blizzard sydney Hub yes
Sydney is in Australia yes
Servers will be in australia yes

Thanks for clarification. Im guessing you must be an undercover CM and not just some random. You must know what you’re talking about. Thank you so much.

common sense

If it’s that easy then why haven’t blizzard given any clarification yet?

Because it’s blizzard

This is why I suspect there are no Oceanic servers.