Where To Download Classic Launcher?

Just read on Twitter that Classic is Downloadable Today

( I know we can’t play the stress test until 2mrw but where is the launcher we can download now so i can get prepared )

Read this on @warcraft on Twitter.

( Classic download will be available June 18 )


When you open your launcher there is a little option box above play that will let you select retail, PTR and then there should be WoW Classic Beta stress. Select that and you should be able to download. Hope this helped.


It will be on the blizzard launcher. Just toggle the dropdown box, right now it says “BFA” to “Classic beta” and you are off.

Not showing up on my launcher.

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Have you been invited? Not sure it shows up for everyone or not. I know it was there when they sent me my invitation.

Nope. However, it’s still not showing up in my launcher. Probably why the OP is asking.

Gonna try something (I keep forgetting I’m running the beta version of the launcher.)

(Sorry about the double quote. My mouse is not being friendly lately.)

Oh, there is another stress test going on. They had this issue with the last one as well. Try exiting the launcher and relogging into it.

Still not showing up.

Wait, guess my account isn’t currently active (since they love to try to charge me before payday). I can still log into my characters though. Well. guess I have to wait until Friday.

I’d ask in Customer Support forum.

I’ve got 9 gigs downloading from my launcher, is that 8.2 or Classic? I already participated in the stress test and have 4.5 gigs installed in the classic folder.

I’m current, everything updated, have the PTR choice, but it doesn’t say “Classic beta”…?

EDIT- restarted launcher x4 now I see it.


Holy Crap we can play it now??? I see the client and installing now!!!
Thought it would go live at 3pm its 1am in the morning for me LOL

Sweet! I see it now!!! Thanks!

I would also like to interject that you need to sign up for any option to participate in Classic your blizzard account

I did not change any settings to request consideration, but it’s showing up for me. Try closing your launcher and re-opening, if you have not done so already.

They changed the format of choices, too. Now choice of expansion and choice of account are on separate menus.

I was able to install the Client
Realms are offline tho…
What time will the Realms be up and running?
Any ideas?

I see it! i was able to log on! realms says offline tho, any ideas when it will go live later today?

2pm PDT.

This thread here should have the time in your local time zone at the top of it -

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I see it! i was able to log on! realms says offline tho, any ideas when it will go live later today?

Thank You!