Cant download Classic Stress Test

I want to say that I had to go to my Blizzard account page to create a ptr account when I did the first stress test. So, you may want to check that. Still, I don’t think that it will be available until tonight

my launcher just started a 9+ gig download

Blizz needs to unlock it already if they want people to actually have time to DL the darn thing

Agreed Lapdance!

I would love to confirm that for you, but I am on the same page. We both need confirmation! LOL!

Wait 10 hours before panicking.

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That’s the pre-download for the 7.2 patch which releases next week.

What do you mean “darn?” That’s one of the best days to be on the forums. Bring lots of :popcorn:

For me it’s worth resubscribing and giving Bliz $15 to be able to participate in this little two-day event. To re-experience the hours of downtime, repetitive crashes, 30-second lag, database implosions, and other authentic events from the first few weeks of the original WoW release (!). Reliving history… it’l be great!

No I mean it… I resubscribed just for this! To get a taste, if only a small one, until the real thing comes in August. To be able to set aside the BFA disaster and play the real thing, again. Even if its capped at level 15, I intend to beat the living daylights out of the game just like Bliz has asked us to.

But I won’t be starting as a night-elf this time. Nuh uh… going to start in the SW or IF maps, where we can spread out into the world a lot more quickly and not have to stay packed together like sardines.


If they had the client installed from last test, it will be there. If they don’t it will not, yet.

Don’t do this. We already had a long line of people requesting deletion of their 2nd PTR account because it blocked the first stress test (myself included).

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It just came up right this moment for download.


It is available now, there are 21 servers. I guess that answers the question on how many servers we should expect initially.

nothing yet

Open the launcher, give it around 2 minutes to process an update for the launcher, then there will be a green bar at the bottom saying there is a launcher update to process, click update and it will reset the launcher. When it comes back you will see two drop down lists. Change the first one from World of Warcraft to World of Warcraft Classic, then in the second one, select the appropriate account you have an active subscription with. After that it will give you the option to install it.


Yep, its coming out now.

they must be brain damaged because my client is still not authorized.

I can confirm the Classic update is initiated.

Look for the green update bar at the bottom of the BattleDOTnet launcher to appear and restart the app.

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popped up for me like 10 mins ago or something installing it now

NOTICE: if your having issues like I was open task manager and completely terminate the battle net tasks and then restart the program. that should work


I’m … Confused. I’ve had the client on my and kept it on my computer from prior stress testing … I restarted, and now my drop down is entirely different. have, starting from the top:

In Development:
PTR: World of Warcraft.
Beta: World of Warcraft. (It says Beta now, not Beta & Stress Test like before?)
World of Warcraft Classic
World of Warcraft

… Anyone else?