Stress test today doesn't require Sub

So there are a lot of good points being made for this just being remmnants of the live login process. However, I’m still hopeful it lets me create a character when its up. After all its only for 2 days.

At the same time some kind of Blue post verifying if a sub is required for this test today would be nice. Could easily clarify the verbiage and boost how many people will or won’t join.

I don’t think so. I don’t have a Sub but look at my account as active. You don’t need gametime to be active. Active = Valid. Not Subbed.

My account is active though I just don’t have a Sub. Active means valid or available. If I sub then my Active account will now have a Sub. When I Unsub my active account doesn’t have a Sub anymore. It’s still active though.

I am posting right now from my active account with “NO” Sub. That is what active is.

Sub is paying of course. Active non banned/logged on in the last decade possibly?

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So much arguing over something that we’ll know in 2 hours.

For those that don’t have a sub or game time go to your account page and check the status. It is either active or inactive.


Like this:


For real, though:

You can easily check if your account is “Active” or “Inactive”.

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There is what else to do :wink: Ehhh maybe a nap. I will miss the test really with work.

Actually, I see now it’s listed as 2pm PDT. When they made the first post it was 1pm PDT. Guess they changed it.

To OP -

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Dam you explained it with Science!

My PTR account is active so I should be able to get in since they didn’t specify which account.

At the same time, this is stuff that needs to be tested with some what realistic numbers. The beta isn’t realistic. The more people that log in the better. I’d hate for them to keep limiting it then on launch a million people are logging into something that was tested by 5k players…

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Its nice that you think so. The fact of the matter is not that.

Your BattleNet account is active. Your game account is not.

Here’s the test:

  1. Go to this address
  2. Read the text in orange next to the entries for WoW.
  3. If it says Active, you’re good. If it is in orange and reads “Inactive” your game account is NOT active.

Jumping to conclusions before anything definitive can be observed. It show’s up in the BDA? It’s installable? Can log into the game? Can access the realm list?.. all means nothing. Just like the beta realms not being available to the stress testers despite being present in the realm list.

What solely matters is if one can load into the world without an active account. And since that isn’t possible for anyone yet…


There already is a blue post and I quoted the part that said “active game account”.

What more do you want…a phone call from Bobby ?

Just saying…

bah…let the tears flow at 5 minutes past live.

False. I’ve been playing the Classic beta daily since a few days after it started without a sub :sunglasses: