WoW Classic Stress Test – June 19-21

That you for your flagrant favouritism and neglecting all of the other regions that play. NA bias yet again.


Will regular beta servers be available during this test?

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I cannot wait to partake in such a glorious event with my pals

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You realize there is still a 3rd and final stress test not even happened yet AFTER this one right? You really think EU will be left out? That one will probably be EU accounts only. of course when it happens i’m sure it won’t stop US accounts coming to forums “OMG blizzard you’re screwing us over”.

Don’t think of this as being left out, think of it as not being your turn YET.

As for why US first. the test server is in the US, so it kind of gives the most favorable data to test the server in region it’s located. That gives the most realistic test data. when game launches there will be EU realms and US realms. but for the beta there is ONLY US realms. So anyone with any logic would understand why this test gives the most meaningful data first.


Cool maybe ill be home in time to see what classic will be like
at what time on the 21st will it end? Anyone know?
Nvm i saw it. guess it will be 4 pm friday.


Right? How dare they focus their efforts on their country of origin! Will you sign my petition complaining about how long it takes to get various Asian titles to even release here in NA?


Sad that 48 hours of classic is more of a reason to resub than BFA.


you can play this test, you could play every test if you got invited. The realms were available and will be available for time after the actual stress test is over.

Party in da haus!


Someone must be deleting something, because all I see is you as the 2nd poster and above it, a thankyou.

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Your faith and optimism is sweet but no, I don’t think the EU will be given its own stress test. They’ve repeatedly shown that they don’t care about their EU players.


Not their own. You get into this one.

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They’re deleting my comments for sure.

I can see why.


How do EU players get into this one without creating a US account and adding a sub?


You have a level 21 character, posting on this thread. I’d guess you’re capable of doing that.


I might be, but what about the rest of the EU players? I’m not just concerned with myself. I have a US and Oceanic account although it’s attached to a Battle net that has a EU main account so who knows if that would even work.

If Blizzard was founded and HQd in EU, the test servers would be there, the EU region would be in the tests, and NA would be left out. All framed by “EU favoritism” that’s being see here.


There’s no such thing as a “Main account”. If you have a North American Region account that is subscribed, you can access the game.

Plus their test would be at the equivalent of 11pm through the night. How many EU players will be available for that?


You realise that there was an independent EU brand based in France and that they merged yeah?

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