Stress Test Details – June 19

Honestly came to this thread to ask if characters including names will be kept as I have very little if any experience with testing. I have been excited for classic for some time as well as getting involved. It seems that this is going to be a create a toon and population test. This takes a huge load off on creating a toon and getting aquainted especially because character creation is a big deal at least to me. Well done on the info!

On August 13 you get to create your permanent characters and reserve their names.

If they allowed it in the Stress Test, it would literally be jumping that gun.

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Alright people, let’s flood the servers and see if they drop or not.

… in just under 2 hours.

How long will the stress test last? Want to see if I’ll be home in time to be part of it.


woot! took the day off from work. I hope yall proud of me

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1:30 PDT character creation is available.


Realms just came down. Is there a stress test feedback thread?

Do you guys know when the other realms are gonna be back up? Also where are my server 13 humans at?

Even with the power of Omar and his fingers, I had a blast experience it for that bit of time, my prayers were answered and I will always remember, Server 5 <3!


Thanks for the info!

Server 16… you were a good server… Omar killed you in your prime…

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Will the servers go back up before the stress test is over? I’m unfortunate enough to have to be at work for this, but i heard most of the servers have already crashed.

There’s only two servers currently, both PVP and both so full that every single mob, even every single critter in every single starting zone, is dead or dead within 1 second of spawning. You’re not missing anything other than what looks like an attempt to recreate that gathering of Nelfs and Highborne in Darnassus pre-destruction. Literally just hundreds of druids stood doing nothing.

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Can you guys please bring the other servers back up? I don’t want to be on a PVP server, and the only 2 servers still up are so overcrowded its actually impossible to do any content. Come on Blizzard… don’t troll me by letting me play on a normal server for 15 minutes only to take it away…


I tried the gnome, human and orc/troll starting areas. Even in full groups in took 20 mins to complete the very first quest. in all 3 zones. Even for a new launch it seemed liked wallflowers waiting for mobs to spawn. I lasted 52 mins on an orc and finished 3 quests, but only managed lvl 2.

Thank you for the update! I will report anything I find or experience.

If only launching the game didn’t cause my screen to go go black and freeze

It’s not that the other servers have crashed, Blizzard took them offline to force all the people participating to be on 2 different PVP only realms since there weren’t enough people on all the realms they had listed.