Is the Hype is dying down

In the meantime there is plenty of work to be done during the beta test. We are not capable of escape velocity yet in terms of readiness. Maybe less hype there would be a positive even.

I am still hyped for the game launch itself.

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Blizzard has given us no other way to consume classic content than using the ones that got into the beta as a channel.
I don’t know how that would make me a millennial?
What does that even mean? I thought that was just talking about the year you were born.


:joy: :rofl:

The fact that you consider excitement levels by the videos Google and YouTube hand feed you, makes you a millennial, in spirit, if not birth age.


Well I cant go off the forums here, all anyone does is complain or ask what class they should play. Youtube is pretty much the only video content site where things are posted and googling new information is how you find it.

Is there some mail service I should sign up for?

Or is the gatekeeping to strong here?

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The hype will be hyping up again Wednesday.

Various class Discords. Reddit forums. MMO-Champion, various gaming journals…

And mainly, talking to friends.

But even still, even Retail YouTubers and Twitch streamers are all over Classic. If you’re not being hand fed your content about Classic, you need to follow more Classic content creators.

Countdown2Classic, ClassicCast, Esfand, TipsOutBaby, StaySafeTV, MrGM, Taliesin&Evitel, Preach Gaming, ClassicWinds, PlatinumWoW, Crendor, MadSeasonShow just to name a few.

So all the people who prefer the newer AV just aren’t part of the community?


I talked to this one guy at work today and he is still super excited. The hype lives!

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BAHAHAHA, “all the people” as in maybe 10% of the community? While 90% who actually played REAL OG AV have voted and posted on this forum that THEY WANT 1.5 AV back.

Clearly you do not pay attention to these forums or the mindset of a OG vanilla player. Nobody wants 1.12 AV, thats a fact. Troll


That is the sound of a thousand terrible hypes headed this way.

There’s always a bigger hype.

i play vanilla from day 1 , and yes i lost all hype, but i will play classic because in the end of the day is still better of retail wow , i feel i will get a 60% to 70 % of classic , 60% of classic is still better of bfa ( old av is the best )


It’s 15 year old content. What did you expect?

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I’m keeping my hype down since we still have like 2.5 months till us normals can actually play


I’m actively trying to kill my hype before it kills me.

Edit: visiting the forums doesn’t help :frowning:

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Look man, I’m all for you pushing your "lul OG Vanilla Player opinions are better than most casual players " but this isn’t the way to go about it.

Right now the game can’t suffer a divide between Classic and BfA. A lot of the players coming to Classic WILL be new and they need that helping hand, not a sharp kick to the jaw and told to go on their own. Try to remember that if there are no CRZs, your reputation on a server WILL matter to those around you, and no one wants a toxic Sally ruining their game. :slight_smile:


Careful. Lots of reporting going around today for saying stuff like this :slight_smile: I got reported by some cow I think. . BUT

To your section:

You might have your numbers flipped. You can’t use these forums, Reddit or anything else as a measuring stick. You may not want it. . That is fine. But that does not mean EVERYONE does not want it.

This is simple stuff guys. .

To the OP

A definite lul is in place at the moment. It will pick up the closer we get. Perhaps it’s me, but I wish more of these beta testers that we can see would do. . testing. It’s almost got to the point they are just screwing around and rubbing it in your faces. Personally I am waiting. I do not want to spoil it. But when you get to see these large scale battles and “fun” it feels bad for the rest who want in.


No new wow player is going to enjoy classic as much as someone who enjoyed originally. Facts.

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The hypes not gone it’s just on a different layer.


As someone else said, AV in it’s current state isn’t very exciting & streamers are failing to make it interesting, though people like Asmongold are trying hard.

AV launch should have got Classic over 100k viewers on twitch, instead it’s at it’s lowest point, but Blizzard will likely refuse to admit there is a problem & pretend that 1.12 is the real Vanilla WoW.