Realms offline

The post is formatted to use your computer’s time zone to display. For me that post says 4PM because I’m in CST zone. If you hover your mouse over it, it’ll list time in Pacific, Central, and European (Paris) time zones.

You can log in and make a character already, though.

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confirmed. I logged in and made a character too

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Same. YAY!!

If you believe Athene it split human conciseness sundering us all for eternity.

it is not formatted to display your timezone because if it was it would say 4pm for me. Im central. i just know time difference and i know how to read is all.

an once again… yay stress test flagged but im also seeing under development I im also flagged for classic beta ( again) but account info on blizz site says no lol… come on blizz stop flagging me for actual beta if I don’t actually have it… i.e stop showing Beta:WoWclassic please!!! so annoying

i have the same issue

On my computer it’s formatted to show my time zone. Maybe on your phone/tablet or whatever you’re viewing this from it doesn’t work?

/facepalm …

Dunno what to tell you, says 4pm for me:

And if I hover over it, it lists converted times

On my computer. Always showed PDT in the post

This one? WoW Classic Stress Test – June 19-21

Not the other post.

People really really really need to do at least a little reading before posting, come on lol I’ll say this short and simple. If you see Beta: World of Warcraft Classic, but the play button is gray. You don’t have beta, The client for beta is there so you can uninstall it.

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on a side note. anyone planning to level Alliance in human start zone? Have a route i planned out and worked well to avoid bottleneck. Works fine alone but even better with group of 2 to 3. If anyone down to lvl let me know. Would be good practice for launch day

Human starting zone is going to be absurdly packed (definitely most populated Alliance side). I’d suggest just finding the first few people you see in your layer and grouping up lol.

It’s pretty funny to me how many people just yell scream complain and blame Blizz for their impatience simply because they cannot calculate time.

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on live i will group with my brother and a irl friend. we practiced it and timed it. Every start zone will be awful but Elwynn has the best start zone quest to 11 ish for Alliance. Then you move to Darkshore for 12-17.

right? I mean just google it and time zone will show what time it is there lol.

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Or be bothered to read anything.