Stress test today doesn't require Sub

What do you mean? They already stated that the server list is subject to change between now and launch. I assume that they are waiting to see exactly how big of a demand they have and then they will accommodate with new servers/more servers.

I can’t speak to blizzard decision making on every issue, and I do disagree with them on many things… but at the same time I’ve played retail launches… private server launches… etc… and I know for a fact that blizzard is doing everything in their power to make the launch of this game go as well as possible.

Why else would they be doing so much, and giving so much attention to this “small side museum piece”?

Ah, it was for the second sentence. I see.

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It’s in response to:

That should be more helpful than just telling you to read it again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Indeed. Thanks!

On this small screen, the quote was only displaying the first sentence. So I thought that was only what was being quoted. But expanding out, I can see what’s up now.

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No it doesn’t. One does not need BfA to have an active sub.


  • Stress Test 1: Wed May 22–Thurs May 23
  • Stress Test 2: Wed Jun 19– Thurs Jun 20
  • Stress Test 3: Thurs Jul 18– Fri July 19

*Dates of each stress test are subject to change.

To fill our pool of beta and stress test participants, we’ll be choosing dedicated players who meet select criteria from both the WoW Classic beta opt-in and the standard Warcraft beta opt-in. Participants will also need to have an active subscription or active game time on their Account. While opting-in to the beta is the primary way to make sure you’re in the running to join the test it doesn’t guarantee an invitation to the closed beta test. We may also consider additional factors such as how long a player has been subscribed to the game so that we have the right mix of players to ensure great feedback toward making WoW Classic the very best experience for the community.

This does say pretty clearly that a sub is required.


I think you think I’m making the opposite argument than I did.

It confirms you need a subscription.

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The part he quoted literally states players need an active sub in the second sentence. Why are people having such difficulties reading past the first few words of a sentence in a post? Is this where we’ve landed where we can’t even talk to each other because people are primed to stamp “wrong!” on a sentence without even completing it?

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You! All the forum fun last night and you weren’t hear with us. Broke my heart, Forum Love.

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awww! I always miss the good stuff! :heart:

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hear with us. Apparently I’m not awake enough to be typing.

No worries love! I am fluent in Typnonese!

False hope springs eternal.

The person I quoted clarified the ambiguous response. All is well.

Active means with game time LOL. I’m not subbed but was able to download this stress test but have no doubt I won’t be able to log in when it goes live.

Try making a character now. I can.

It requires a sub for sure. They are up but I can’t create since I am unsubbed. Ah well.

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Yup. You need a sub.

I just tried to access the realms with my NA trial account. I selected the realm, tried to enter, then got put back to the login screen with an error “active game time is required to play world of warcraft classic”.
I knew it was too good to be true :cry:

It requires a sub. I can log on but not even choose a server without game time.

No one can choose a server right now.