Did I get into the full classic beta or not?

This was really odd, i saw that i had gotten invited yesterday via the launcher which states “beta and stress test: wow classic” but iv been told its stress test only which really confused me.

If I had to guess, Shadowkurse, it looks like you had a request to have your PTR account removed around the same time the original issue was being addressed. Unfortunately, the PTR, Beta and Stress test accounts look identical (since CS isn’t supposed to assist with any aspect of the Beta or Stress test ), so the Game Master that responded to your ticket removed the extra account they saw. It is likely that that account was the Stress Test license.

You specifically will want to submit a ticket and let them know that your Stress Test license was accidentally removed. They should be able to forward your account up to have it looked at. I can’t guarantee that they’ll be able to get it resolved today, but you should be set for future tests.

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are you able to see if im in the ACTUAL beta ?? i think i may be but unsure if its just the stress test or not ??

The Stress test is through the Live client, so if you have access to Beta in the In Development section of the dropdown, you’re in beta.

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Oof. feelsbad

i cant log on… i have Beta: World of Warcraft Classic… and it says i can not play it… is this a bug? i wasnt even able to log onto the stress test and it said stress test and beta before… now this showed up… please help :slight_smile:

I don’t show that you ever had access to Beta, Korkrux. You were originally invited to the Stress test in May, but that was removed after that test period was over.

You can see the Beta & Stress test client under In Development because our Devs updated the Battle.net Desktop app to allow users to be able to uninstall the client through the app. Previously you had to manually uninstall it.

The Stress test was on the Live Client, so you would have needed to switch to WoW Classic in the Battle.net Desktop App to access it. I believe that ends today, but I’m not sure on the time.

I was on the Beta last night and after getting to level 9 I went to sleep, I get off work today ready to play more, but its giving a “server not found” error. Did I really only get the stress test or is this the full beta? I did not see “Stress Test” on the server or the launcher. I was on PVP Server 15 I think. I also reactivated my account for the $15 because it looked like the full Beta, I would not have spent to money if I knew it was just the stress test.

It was the Stress Test. The one this time was open to anyone with an active subscription.


I wish They would have labeled it STRESS TEST so there was no confusions.

If you want to log on to the Classic beta and you can - log on.
If you can log on but you don’t want to - don’t.
If you want to log on but you can’t - well then you won’t.

While a full sub/active game time is required for classic once it’s released, I don’t think that they’ve posted anywhere that a sub=beta access or stress test access.

Do you happen to have a link to the page that lead you to believe a sub=beta access?

The last stress test was available to anyone with an active subscription. A subscription will not guarantee you full Beta access. It is a very limited Beta. For the most part, all the invites have been done. They may add a handful of other players, but they have stated they have the ones they need already.


why not stress test on saturdays when people most likely don’t have to work?

Because Blizzard decides when they need it done. They’ve had enough people each time.

Stress tests are generally done when the Anheim , CA development team are on hand with the QA team. And they don’t work weekends.

And with the news coming out on worker conditions at other studios I don’t think you’ll get Blizzard to force developers to come in on a weekend.


I have the beta there in client but I can’t click to play. But I can play the stress test below. Is there something I’m missing.

Everyone has the link to download Classic. If you don’t have the option to play, you aren’t in the Beta.

I see the play button lit up green, but when i hit play, it says there’s no servers.

Just to be sure, is this the classic form of it and not the stree test, right?

There’s no stress test happening at the moment.

Next one is July 18-19

If you get the message about no servers, it means you are not in the Beta.

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