Whats going on?

This post is a waste of time.

I would suggest everyone just reports the OP for trolling so this pit of toxicity can be purged by THE HOLY LIGH-- Er… Forum moderation…

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I used to play uther pally on hearthstone. “By the Holy Light!!” Was played every time a legendary or a flame strike type card was played. Even my kids say that now.

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Paladin for life! :slight_smile: Praise the Light, friend. You being a Warlock definitely needs the Light o.o’

no they are releasing it 2 months early -.-

Trolled by blizz OP.

I really don’t understand why people get whiny about this, it’s not like you get to keep your character or anything. I’m stoked to get to play in the stress test, even if it’s just for 48 hours. So much entitlement lately because of this.

It’s “entitlement” to expect to not have to be subbed for a beta when we NEVER have before? M’kay.

Look, I’m not going to defend how the beta invites were handed out, I’ve seen people who resubbed days before get invited, but this is a closed beta, not an open one. It’s up to Blizz how it’s done. And yeah, how I see it, it is entitlement. People are expecting a beta invite simply for subscribing, you’re paying right now to play LIVE WoW, not classic.

Grrrrrrrrrrr. He’s angry. !!!

They have never required a sub for closed betas either. How is it entitlement to want something you’ve always had? You need to rethink. And I’m not playing retail, I haven’t been subbed for over six months.

Only thing I can think of when I see this topic in the list.

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Don’t forget to ask for a manager and demand a refund for the time you “wasted”


It’s tacked to the top of the Classic discussion page. I didn’t think to look either, I found it on Twitter. It starts at 2PM which is probably pacific time. 5PM Eastern


OR you could have done what others, including myself, did and see something questionable on the launcher and come to the forums to see if there was any explanation.

It really isn’t a big deal. Life is full of tiny things that inconveniently happen.
Most of us just deal with it and move on rather than spend so much unproductive time qqing non-stop about it.

Let it go, dude. It is such small potatoes in a world full of actual issues and not a plot to tick you off.

OMG, dude. How can you compare a free stress test to bank fraud?

Me thinks you are WAY too invested in something that is, in reality, nothing.

I also would hate to admit that this is the mindset of someone who works in a bank fraud dept. Kind of scary.


This is clearly a conspiracy designed specifically to target certain individuals! CALL THE COAST GUARD! :smirk:

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This must be a troll post. I mean, come on! No one is this dense or clueless.

never underestimate the human population in this way… they can and do get even lower than this…

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Step 1: Open your browser and search for wow classic forums (I have the link already marked since this is the best place to get info about what Blizzard is doing… duh).

Step 2: Click the first thread that says: WoW Classic Stress Test - June 19 - 21.

Step 3: Don’t post on the forums about Blizzard not giving any info, because you will make a fool of yourself.

It’s that easy to find the info.