Cant download Classic Stress Test

Hello, im in a bit of a pickle. I’m reading that everyone with an active sub can participate in the Stress Test tomorrow, but i can’t seem to download the PTR.

I am currently subbed to BFA. My sub doesnt end for another 21 days, but there is no drop down box for the ptr. In fact there’s no box at all.

I have tried closing and reopening the blizzard app several times, but nothing is changing. Any help here would be sorely appreciated.

And i understand this might be an issue for the Support staff, but considering how fast they respond, i might not get an answer until next week


You can’t download it because it’s not currently available to download. Blizz said the download would be available in the launcher later today.


from the sticky


I bolded the important part for you. Assume late is relative to US time and not wherever you live.

I thought the same thing as well even uninstalled battle net launcher and tried launching it on beta mode. My guess was that it’s not yet downloadable but I asked in game and people have already installed the beta and was released on the 18th June . If I u have found a way let me know thanks.

It’s 8 Am for them should be getting into the offices right now.

it was a trick to get more sub :rofl:


I assume the download is still not available but i’m not sure where I would even download it once it becomes available. Any help with that? On the blizz site, Cheers

It should show up in the drop down menu of the B_Net launcher for retail WoW. Mine was listed above the PTR option for the last stress test.


Stress test… Darn, this means the forums will be flooded tomorrow with more streamer hate, conspiracy theories, and general whining that the stress test kept crashing and people couldn’t have smooth, uninterrupted play


Since they said “Late” I wouldn’t expect to see the download before 6pm Pacific Time.


The only time that matters :wink:


Much appreciated!

Can someone confirm for my idiot brain: the drop down menu will only show up once the download is available? No one has yet been able to download and no one yet has the drop down menu unless they are already in the beta? I am having same issues as op.

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I want to say that I had to go to my Blizzard account page to create a ptr account when I did the first stress test. So, you may want to check that. Still, I don’t think that it will be available until tonight

my launcher just started a 9+ gig download

Blizz needs to unlock it already if they want people to actually have time to DL the darn thing

Agreed Lapdance!

I would love to confirm that for you, but I am on the same page. We both need confirmation! LOL!

Wait 10 hours before panicking.

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