Prediction - expect a lot of complaints about xserver bg's in 2 days

People don’t complain about something until they experience it (layering, av). When people see that all the wsg on the stress tests are cross server and guess what there’s no battlegroups, people will cry. But lbizzard won’t do anything abour it because it’s probably easier to use their existing infrastructure.


Wow. Got any winning mega millions numbers you could share?


What BG’s are available at level 15?

wsg is going to be available on the stress test

You realize battlegroups were CRBG?

Yes, but people offered up battlegroups as a “defense” of crbg to say that they still knew people from their battlegroup. Those people might be surprised to find out there won’t be battlegroups.

How many realms are there, how many were in an old battlegroup, how many will be in the whole of Classic pool, how am I supposed to know what the difference will be?

I just don’t remember seeing people much from other realms in my battlegroup. I only took notice of my own realm.

So… I only played the first stress test, but there was only one server to choose from…

And old battlegroup was ~15-20 realms.

Where did you read/hear that?

Where did they say this? Battlegrounds aren’t coming till CP3.

“For this stress test, all races and classes will be available for creation, and the maximum character level will be capped at 15. In addition to the open world, there will be instanced content available at that level. This will include Warsong Gulch for PvP as well as Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, and Deadmines. Of course, Deadmines will be a challenge for players to complete at this level.”

This is from the sticky at the top of the forums.

Ahh ok. I missed the Warsong Gulch part.

I see the point you’re making, but with how small the initial community of Classic will be, Classic it self will be a battlegroup.

Just remember Battlegroups had several servers connected to it, I know mine Bloodlust was something like 20 servers, and I still experienced good pvp for a long time.

Yeah and you’ll notice that horde will have long queues even with crbgs. Just like the beta currently (even though it’s only 2 servers). It’d be much much worse without them.

And without crbgs, none of the PVE / RP servers would ever get any BG’s.