Can't login, says I need game time when I have game time =/

I’m getting the error “WOW51900331” when I try to login. I have game time on my account so I’m not sure why this is happening.

edit: just read that i need to have game time on a US account… why flag EU accounts for this stress test then??? that’s so dumb =/ i got jebaited big time…

Couldn’t you guys have just ignored us EU plebs and instead flag a lot more US accounts so you’d get a lot more people into the stress test period…?

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They let everybody download the client for the stress test, but you can’t actually log in without having game time left on your account.

In other words: If you can’t play BfA right now, you can’t play the stress test.

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pretty dumb idea on their part huh. limit possibly millions of people from stress testing, which is the whole point of this process.
I am not playing BFA, i shouldnt have to sub BFA to test Classic and help give them a REAL life scenario of how people might react to classic wow.

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This specific stress test is focused on NA/OCE servers. There’s a stickied blue post giving info:

Another blue post on EU forums said that the July test will be global.

With 8.2 coming soon I wouldn’t be surprised if they were hoping to catch a few people into resubbing.

Personally I’m not tempted enough just for 2 days of playing, and I’m not tempted by BfA and checking out 8.2 in the slightest. As far as BfA is concerned, I’d consider even WoD better.

i can play bfa but classic is just saying “i need game time” did blizzard break something?


Thankfully not long after i made the comment i realised my problem and was able to get on (i was on my second account that was my issue at least)