Is there a D/L link (or will there be)?

I don’t see anything in the launcher. Am/have been a subscriber. Thanks.

The download will be available “late today”.

On this site.
Look at settings.
Check the beta box for classic.
I unchecked the beta for the game.

Your computer battle net…

You then will have it in the drop down box on the launcher.

Lastly you need a sub. Not just time on the sub, but a set number of time that automataly charges again.

Did that. No wow classic test link d/l. Just will wait.

Make sure you check off wow classic beta AND current wow beta. I am certian you need to be opted in to both to be flagged.

So it won’t work if I’m just buying subscription time monthly via tokens with in game gold?

“Late” is probably around 5pm Pacific or later yet. Happy waiting.

I amHappy. Happy. Happy.

I did play for a short time one of stress test without a sub, this time it states the subscription.

It’ll still work.

As long as you have a current sub regardless of how you got it, you’re good.

Via the desktop app AKA the launcher.

Newp. Not in drop down. Signed up for beta on beta profile settings to wow classic. Active account on live.

Not the end of the world, but would have been cool.

If only they made a sticky…

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Still got 28 hours before it starts. Still time.

I am downloading the beta right now. Go to your settings (top left, arrow by blizzard logo). Beta option is at the bottom.


BINGO, that was the trick. Beta App had the updated options.

I relaunched bnet to apply the latest update. Afterwards I can see that Classic can be chosen from the “Version” drop-down on the WoW Games tab in bnet. It can be DL’d and installed from there.