Null and Void

Thanks to all our Swell friends for a great run in BFA!

Let’s get this ol’ girl Jaina down! Come help us get CE!

Esketit! :sparkles:

I heard there were cookies…?

bumping for progress

Jaina going down, she yelling timber…

Saturday bumps!

“Our group is one of friends, or we will pretend to be your friend until we aren’t anymore.” fixed that for you :slight_smile:


Looking for DPS!

bumping for more jaina booty

more peeps

Are you up to the challenge? LF DPS!

7/9 BM Hunter looking for new home. GM informed us he could no longer RL other officers have given up as well. Message me if interested Bonepowa#1144

Sent you a request!~

Who else wants to punch Jaina in her buns? :salt::peach:

This is your Tuesday reminder that you is smart, you is loyal, and you is cute.

bump all the way

Still looking for talented raiders, Jaina going down next week!!!

Bump that punta she is dead next week for sure

Jaina down to 35%! AAAAAA! :crazy_face: