Null and Void

Thanks to all our Swell friends for a great run in BFA!

430 spriest LF Mythic guild
(h/a) 420 pal lfg -early morning est
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4/8M Ret LFG
Group of 5 LF Mythic Guild
[H/A]417 Balance Druid LF Mythic Raiding
414 Druid LF new home
418 Frost Mage LF Mythic Guild
417 Rogue LF cutting edge progression
9/9M 416ilvl Hpal LF guild
415 warlock LF mythic raid team
7/9 M 418 MW - Flex LF guild
417 mw lfg
419monk&415 duild lf guild
8/9M 418 Lock lf hardcore raid Guild
414 9/9M Lock LF 9/9M CE Guild
9/9m Resto Sham. LFG
Ele Shammy 9/9M Testing the waters
417 8/9M Hpriest Lf CE guild
420 Holy Priest, 7/9M LF Guild
418 Warlock LF Mythic Raiding Guild
3 8/9M players LF new home
411 / 410 Balance / Rdruid LF day time guild
449 RDruid LF Mythic Guild
Deleted ---
[H] 441 Mage LFG Mythic Guild
418 BM Hunter LF Mythic Raiding Guild
Experienced Raider Recently Returned Looking for Morning Mythic Raiding! (Resto/Ele)
[H] 417 5/9M 2/2H Resto Druid LF Late Night Guild
415 Ele Sham LF CE GUILD
CE Warlock/Ele
8/9M Rogue LF CE quality guild
8/9m exp mage lf ce guild
412 Paladin LF Alliance Guild, morning raiding hours
8/9M EXP Piest LF CE guild
9/9M 8/8M player looking for raid team
412 6/9M Shadow LF guild
[H]418 8/9m Havoc DH LF CE guild/Jaina Kill
410 Ele/416 Mage Multiclass 6/9M LF CE Guild
417 MM hunter LF guild
418 8/9 ele sham LF guild
7/9M Holy/Disc Priest - 413 ILVL LF Guild
8/9 M BOD Rogue LF Raiding guild
420 Glimmer Holy Paladin LF late night heroic / mythic raiding
Holy Paladin and Ret Paladin 8/8H LF Mythic Guild
415 Resto/Ele Shaman LF Mythic Raiding Guild
[A/H] 415 Warlock 3/9M LF Guild
Mage and rogue Looking for raiding guild
[A] 409 Balance/Resto Druid LF Mythic Raid Team
436 Resto druid/Doomkin LF semi serious mythic progression guild
421 Hunter 6/8H LF Mythic raiding guild!
Warlock, Hunter, or Spriest LF Guild going for CE
Warlock, Hunter, or Spriest Lf CE guild
Rogue LF mythic raid team
DH and Rogue LF Mythic Progression guild
9/9 CE 417 Boomkin looking for CE guild!
Delete pls :)
Hunter (413) Survival, BM looking for mythic raiding
H/M Raider LF team for 8.2
8/9m disc priest
[A] 5/9 Mage LF CE pushing guild
4/9M Ret, Havoc, & MW LF Guild
Fdk 9/9m bfa lf guild
[H] LF Fri/Sun or Morning/Day M Guild
[H] 416 Hunter LF Mythic Guild
417 Frost mage LFG
Stormrage Ally 5/9m 418 Disc Priest/ 409 Resto Druid LFG
Returning Top 100 US Mage Looking for Mythic Guild (16% Mythic Stormwall)
Guild Found
9/9M Feral main LF guild
Cutting Edge Healer looking for progression!
[A] Mage (7/9 M) LFG
419 lock Looking for Guild
Warrior/mage LFG 8/9m exp
9/9M 2/2H Ele Shaman
8/9M Balance druid 150 pulls on jaina lf guild
LF M+/M Raiding Guild
4/8m xp ele LF guild
[M]441 Hpally looking for Cutting Edge guild
8/9M BOD 8/8H 1/8M EP 444 Assas Rogue lf Mythic Raiding Guild
Boomie& MW lf guild
[A] 4/8M DK and Priest Stormrage
440 Fury/Prot War 3/8M LF Guild
433 ele or 432 prot warrior looking for guild
441 ELE sham LF 4/8 or more guild
Returning player looking for a backup position for cutting edge guild
420+ Holy Paladin LF CE guild
[H] 3/8 M player LF CE guild
440, 3/8M, CE Disc/Holy Priest LF Guild
2 Cutting edge raiders and 4 expericed raiders LF guild
[H] Multiple CE Raiders LF New Home
435 Boomkin + 438 Priest LF Guild
Balance Druid & Warlock Looking For Guild
[A] 419 Havoc Demon Hunter LF Raid Guild
424 Disc/Holy, CE exp
440 Mage 3/8M, CE Jaina. Looking for EST M raid guild
442 BrM/WW 3/8m LF mythic team
LF Morning Raiding Guild
439 3/9M War lf CE focused guild
4/8M Exp Lock/Rogue/Hunt LFG
426 Disc Priest lf Mythic Raiding
2 players looking for Mythic/CE guild 6/9M BoD 6/8H EP
Warlock LF morning Raid Team
LF morning or afternoon mythic raiding guild 9/9M raider
423 Fury Warrior LFG 7/8H EP CE BoD
Holy Pally LF Home. 7/8m BOD
427 rshaman, versatile healer 3/8M, LF CE guild
412 Balance/resto druid LF Mythic Raid Team
416 Holy paladin LF Raiding guild
426 Priest Ally only. LF Guild or M+ team
428 Frost Mage LF Guild 5/8 Heroic ET
3/8M 438 DH tank or DPS LF a very late night/early morning raid team
424 Enhancement shaman LF Mythic Guild
[H] 436 Havoc DH LF Heroic/Mythic guild
4/8M 440 Shadow/Disc LF mythic guild
[A] Sargeras - 3/8M 439 Havoc DH looking for Mythic prog guild
[H] 427ilvl Fury Warrior looking for Mythic Progression
5/8H 427 BM Hunter LF Raiding Guild
[H or A] 426 Priest (Disc/Shadow) Looking for Guild
428 Hunter LF LATE night guild
Delete post
Holy Pally LF Mythic raiding!
430 Rdruid / Boomkin LF Mythic Raiding
9/9m BoD Shadow Priest dps Lf Raiding Guild
423 Warlock Lf guild
420 destro lock looking for mythic guild
[A] 2 returning top players LF active mythic guild
428 Frost Mage LF Guild 5/8 Heroic ET
420 ilvl Rogue LF Mythic Guild
425 Rogue LF CE Guild
8/8N 417 Disc Priest LF H/M EP, M+ Guild
431 DH LF CE guild. Have CE experience with top 100 U.S
Delete plz!
[A] Rogue, experienced mythic raider LF new home
423 Balance/Resto Druid LF Mythic Guild
415 druid LF raiding guild
8/8M CE 9/9M CE 3/8M 434 iLvl Holy Paladin
433 Balance Druid LF Late night raiding guild
440 Disc/Holy Priest LF Mythic guild
3/8M (9/9M BOD) Enhanced shaman LF Weekend Casual Heroic team
8/8H 433 HPAL LF Raid
CE and First Week AoTC Disc Priest
(H)3/8M EP Moonkin LF guild
4/8M 430equipped Hpally LF Home
434 Mage and 432 Ele 9/9M BOD 8/8H EP 2/8M EP lf Mythic Raiding Guild
440 dk (h) 61 neck
4/8M Exp Lock/Rogue/Hunt LFG
435 Balance Druid LF Mythic Raiding
438 3/8M EP & 9/9M CE BoD Warlock LF CE focused guild
437 Hunter LF CE Guild
443 Ret LF Mythic Guild (3/8 xp) PST for logs :)
3/8M Ret Pally LF Mythic Guild
440eq. Monk&ret 85+ mythic ep logs lf guild
Rdruid/h priest of daytime guild
Returning mythic raiding hpally
[H] 436 Warlock 3/8M LF CE Guild
Very Experienced Raider LF M Guild
439 3/9M War lf CE focused guild
438 Resto Shaman LF M Guild
440 Holy Paladin LF Mythic Raiding Guild
LF Morning Raiding Guild
437 Boomkin LF Late Night EST raiding
410 Holy Paladin LF Raid Guild
421 Shadow/423 Disc Priest LF Guild
Moonkin 7/8 Heroic EP exp

Let’s get this ol’ girl Jaina down! Come help us get CE!

Esketit! :sparkles:

I heard there were cookies…?

bumping for progress

Jaina going down, she yelling timber…

Saturday bumps!

“Our group is one of friends, or we will pretend to be your friend until we aren’t anymore.” fixed that for you :slight_smile:


Looking for DPS!

bumping for more jaina booty

more peeps

Are you up to the challenge? LF DPS!

7/9 BM Hunter looking for new home. GM informed us he could no longer RL other officers have given up as well. Message me if interested Bonepowa#1144

Sent you a request!~

Who else wants to punch Jaina in her buns? :salt::peach:

This is your Tuesday reminder that you is smart, you is loyal, and you is cute.

bump all the way

Still looking for talented raiders, Jaina going down next week!!!

Bump that punta she is dead next week for sure

Jaina down to 35%! AAAAAA! :crazy_face: