[H] 416 Hunter LF Mythic Guild

Do you need a raider who won’t complain about loot? Is that one guy messing up your prog but you really like him and don’t want to kick him and want a temp replacement? Need help fighting the roster boss until you can get your head above water?

Won’t bore you with the details, but I swapped to tank for my guild this tier and want to keep playing my hunter until we recruit a tank to replace me. Only looking to do this until college starts back in late August or my guild finds another tank. Down to help with mythic prog/farm this tier and heroic prog/farm whenever Azshara comes out. Currently 6/9M exp on my monk with sub 40% Mek pulls, easily more skilled at my hunter though obviously had to stop prog on it.

Can raid basically any time EXCEPT Mon/Tues/Wed from 8-11pm Eastern. Leave your post and I’ll get back to you if I’m interested


This Character: raider io/characters/us/eredar/Jackson Currently 2200 io
My tank Alt/Main: raider io/characters/us/eredar/Jin currently 6/9M

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Hi there, our daytime raiding guild is looking for a few bodies to fill out our roster as we progress on Jaina (best pulls for us are around 45%). We would love to find a couple DPS/Heals, ideally who can flex, especially as we build up our core for next tier.

We are also building a secondary casual roster to power through Heroic clears two nights a week.

Here’s our forum post for more info about who we are and what we do. Please let me know if there’s anything we elucidate! :bow_and_arrow:

Hey Jackson! We’re looking for a hunter for our core and would love to chat with you.

Please Taunt on US-Hyjal, 9/9M 6-hour / week team.

We’re honest with people about mistakes and performance, and expect our players to take criticism well. We’re looking for players who share our team mentality, and as long as you’re outgoing and interested in playing the game with us, you’ll be happy playing here. The week after our first Jaina kill, we were able to reclear fully within 5.5 hours. We just fully recleared again in under 5 hours.

Tuesday - Wednesday 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm PST

Add these battletags to get in touch with us :smiley:
Darmstadt#1445 (Available most often)

Heya, we’d love to have you join us until 8.2 :slight_smile: We are just forming up a new team in prep for 8.2, currently 3/9M, hopefully hitting a few more bosses before the new raid drops. We’re historically a casual AOTC only guild, so branching out for a new casual mythic raid. We raid Sunday 7-10 PM EST.

If you’re interested, let me know Ama#11132