LF M+/M Raiding Guild

Disclaimer: It might be weeks or more before I can be reliable enough to raid on a schedule due to recently moving and getting things in order. But throughout the day I can most likely participate in M+/PVP until things clear up.

Main Classes - Warlock/Mage/Druid/DH

Hey, long time player starting at the back end of Vanilla and started raiding in BC (Gruul’s Lair was my first). Raided in casual guilds until Firelands where I took raiding a little more seriously and got to H Ragnaros but we couldn’t get him in time. Then joined which was 2nd on Alterac Mountains to finish H Dragon Soul behind . Then went horde on Mug’thol as the GM of to get top 100 US kills at the start of Mogu’shan Vaults where we were putting 20+ hours into our raids.

After that is when I started playing with friends for fun and decided to be more casual. Was in a few decent guilds where we pushed harder content but nothing to serious. Up until now where I’m still casual and get on to pre-raid gear my toons. But all of my friends have either quit playing or moved onto other stuff, so I’m looking for people to play with in a more competitive environment.

The competitive environment is way more fun because trying to best other players who are also just as hungry as you to push your characters limits just makes the game that much better.

Like the disclaimer says its gonna be awhile before I can be reliable enough to raid so I’m looking for that new mature-ish guild to join now and in the meantime I can get familiar with everyone through M+ or w/e before I can start raiding.

I’m gonna link a few logs from this xpac, but don’t take them to seriously because this was just me with some friends having fun.

H Uldir - warcraftlogs. com/character/id/37771209?zone=19&mode=detailed#difficulty=4&bybracket=1
M Uldir - warcraftlogs. com/character/id/37771209?zone=19&mode=detailed#bybracket=1

N Uldir - warcraftlogs. com/character/id/37325975?zone=19&mode=detailed#difficulty=3&partition=2&bybracket=1


Tis but a Scratch is a 6/9M guild that raids tue/thu 7-10cst. We are a mostly older group of players and we fully understand life getting in the way. We were formed as a more casual/ social community of quality players and have made our way quickly up into mythic since forming at the start of BoD.
If that interests you please reach out to me at btag Dwhaviel#2478

Hi there, our daytime raiding guild is looking for a few bodies to fill out our roster as we progress on Jaina (best pull for us so far has been 35%). We would love to find a couple DPS/Heals, ideally who can flex, especially as we build up our core for next tier.

Here’s our forum post for more info about who we are and what we do. Please let me know if there’s anything we can do to bring you in! :crystal_ball: