411 / 410 Balance / Rdruid LF day time guild

Hello all. I’m a returning player with AOTC / Mythic experience looking for a day time raiding guild. Ideal time would be between 2pm and 5pm EST days are flexible.

About me:
I’m 30 years old, been playing on and off (mostly on) since Cataclysm. I’ve mostly mained druid except for Legion where I played warlock during Nighthold.

I moved to Europe 2 years ago and I thought that making a new account in the region would be fun and what not, but I quickly realised that I missed my titles, mounts, and cool transmog that I’ve worked so hard to obtain so decided to come back to my US account. (sad that there are no region xfers)

My desired spec to play is resto, but I can flex between balance and resto as I’ve been gearing for both specs at the same time.

Raid experience:
6/7H FL
6/8H DS
AOTC Black Gate (10/13M before prepatch)
AOTC Xavius (4/7 M)
AOTC Gul’Dan

Meant to post with this toon

Hello! We are currently hunting for top tier DPS and healers for Mythic Palace. We offer atypical raid times (morning/afternoon) and would love to chat if you can make our times. Here’s our forum post for more info, and good luck on your search! :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Hey, we are really looking for a solid boomkin to fill a core RDPS slot.

We are Redline-Thrall Horde, a daytime progression raiding guild. We also have folks that run Mythic plus, pvp, and pug majority guild raids for alts and non core members.

For raiding times We raid progression 12-4pm EST on Wednesday and Thursdays, with some other optional raid content on Tuesdays.


  • Uldir (Mythic) 6/8
  • Battle of Dazzar’alor (Mythic) 7/9
  • Crucible of Storms (Heroic) 2/2 (World 5th / Server 1st)
  • Eternal Palace (Normal) 8/8 (Heroic) 7/8

We have a mix of third shift, EU, and work from home guildies that are committed to daytime raiding and community.

Here is our discord
Feel free to put an app on there. If you have any questions or want to talk im on there as Retrection (Isanchezter#1598), there is Whardy (Whardy#1990), and Miamage (Hartske#1816) btags are in parentheses.

Thanks for your time !!

I had applied to your guild a week or so ago, haven’t heard anything back :frowning: