Experienced Raider Recently Returned Looking for Morning Mythic Raiding! (Resto/Ele)

(Please read my availability before posting your ad, I appreciate bumps but I will not be replying if a post is outside my schedule)

I’m looking for an Alliance guild or community that needs good raiders.

Raid Time Availablity ( MST!! ) : Mornings and/or Late Nights (+9PM MST) - Late Night Weekends (+9PM MST)


I took a break from WoW a few months ago and I’m coming back to play as a healer/dps ( Alliance only).

I have 100% raid attendance. I’ve been raiding since Van and have a shiny (a bit dusty but still) resume of progression and high end raiding as a tank and dps for most content.

During this expansion my progression as a tank was 4/8 Mythic Uldir and over 1k raider io for M+. Unfortunately, I had to step away early in the season due to illness but I’m better now and ready to push again. While I’m aware that many guilds are progressed in current tier, my main thought here is joining a team looking to go into the NEXT raid tier hard. If you’re looking for people for current content I’m keen on joining, but I am not as geared as people halfway through mythic BoD!

I’m looking for a raiding team that plays well together, has active players that enjoy doing mythic + throughout the week.

I dabble in PVP and wouldn’t mind joining a group for RBGS or arenas as well.

TLDR; Rerolled a Healer and I’m looking to get back into Mythic Raiding. Currently over 400 ilvl and cleared norm/heroic.

Thanks for reading.

Hi there, our daytime raiding guild is looking for a few bodies to fill out our roster as we progress on Jaina (best pulls for us are around 55%).

Here’s our forum post for more info about who we are and what we do. Please let me know if there’s anything we can do to bring you in!

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