Null and Void

bump :smiley: woot woot

bumping for P A L A C E

Palace! Let’s goooooo

let’s ride, babies! looking for that special H Pal to bring into our lives!~ :yellow_heart:

mid-week bumpz! :crazy_face:

thursday evening bumpzzz :raised_hands:

come get aotc with us next week! 8% wipes today wheee!

saturday afternoon bumps!

still looking for beast healers and dps!

aotc on lock, now we focus on mythic! come join us for the fun!

Come kill bosses and get fat loots

Hurray for an afternoon/evening raid team!!

Almost a full clear of Heroic on reset day, come get AotC with us tomorrow morning!

it’s wednesday, my dudes! :frog:

2/8 MYTHIC! we are now realm 23, not too shabby for a morning guild. come join us!

friday bumps! :desert_island:

Saturday meowing bumps

going bump in the night! :ghost:

3/8 mythic boizzz :tropical_drink::sunny:

Bumping for a fresh raid week, let’s get Ashvane! :skull_and_crossbones: