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Faction: Horde
Raid times: Tues Wed and Thurs 10-1pm EST
Server group: Silverhand, Farstriders, Thorium brotherhood

What we need: *mostly dps some heals for
*any and all for casual

Specs by demand:
High demand:
*monk/pally heals
*shadow priest/balance druid
Medium demand:
*ret pally/warrior
Low demand:
*all other dps
*any other healers except priests
About us:
Dauntless is a friendly, helpful guild that enjoys raiding , pvp, mythic+, and various other activities. We are recruiting for the various raid positions mentioned above, but also for casuals that just want to quest pvp or run dungeons together. We currently raid normal and heroic EP. Discord is available for use to all guild memebers. There are no requirements for joining. Come join our team and enjoy your time in World of Warcraft.

Contact: twisted#1245
I would love to hear from you about joining our raid team.

Hey, Pirate Chat is 8/8H and 3/8M TEP. The goal of this guild is to make a semi-hardcore group of dedicated raiders looking to get progression done while maintaining a fun atmosphere.

Warlock- very high need
Boomkin- high
Shadow- very high
Furry warrior- medium
Sin rogue- high
Ele Shaman- hgih

Optional Alt/Heroic day- Monday 10PM-1AM EST

Our guild consists of older college students and working adults. We have an active discord community and are often running mythic keys or playing other games together.
If you are looking for a solid and active raiding guild with the mind set of having a good time and getting cutting edge for each raid tier in BFA, then add any of us on bnet and let’s chat!

Battle net ID:
Nyteblayde69#1643 (GM)
Trogdor#1234 (Dps officer)

Apeiron-Kel’Thuzad is recruiting for The Eternal Palace. We are 7/8H and 2/8M. Raid times are Tue/Thur/Sun from 9-12cst, (Note: These times are strict and we do not extend them) Open spots for all exceptional players. High Priority for:

Tank: OT/DPS
Heals: Shaman, Paladin
Rdps: Mage, Shaman, Warlock
Mdps: Paladin, Rogue

We expect all players to know the fights and do proper research before stepping in, and how to utilize their CLASS in the best possible way. We expect mistakes to happen, however, we also expect players to learn from mistakes. Simple things like proper azerite traits, flasks, pots, food, enchanting should all be done or obtained before raid times. We are looking for players that are always trying to find a way to improve themselves and the raid team as a whole

Trial period lasts anywhere from 2-3 weeks depending on your performance, with longer trial periods to be expected during after progression. If we think you are amazing you will most likely be promoted quicker. During trial period you are expected to provide yourself with all the necessary items to be competitive in the raid environment. This includes addons, gems, enchants, flasks, pots, a reliable internet connection, and knowledge of all fights we have on farm + any progression bosses we are working on.

If you are interested in joining please message Avi (avi#12246) or Genza (Aokiji1551#1128) in-game and we can answer any questions you may have.

Hello! We are currently hunting for top tier DPS and healers for Mythic Palace. We offer atypical raid times (morning/afternoon) and would love to chat if you can make our times. Here’s our forum post for more info, and good luck on your search! :sparkles: