Returning player looking for a backup position for cutting edge guild

Hello all. I’m looking to return to mythic raiding after taking a hiatus for all of BFA thus far. I have a long resume of mythic raiding experience across many characters and classes. I enjoy playing multiple roles but prefer healing and DPS most. I do not currently have a geared character for endgame content, although I just finished leveling a shadow priest not long ago. I’m not tied to any particular server or faction, nor any particular class.

What I’m Looking For:

A guild that is serious but relaxed enough to understand a modern player’s needs. Work and social life come before this game for me and while I’d love to commit to a hard schedule, I need the flexibility.

Patience. I’ll likely be leveling a character, gearing it and studying encounters. I enjoy the leveling process and I like to take my time. I won’t boost a character or do another transfer, it’s not my thing. Don’t expect me to be ready for this tier of raiding, at least for progression.

A bench spot on a mythic team, not a full-time spot. I don’t want guilds fighting on their last leg for survival either. I want somewhere that has a stable roster with backups. Obviously, I would like to be able to attend heroic runs weekly. The mythic team needs to consistently achieve cutting edge.

Eastern time schedule (between 8PM-12AM), 2-3 nights per week. (One night would ideally be on ready standby, in voice communication and logged outside the raid ready to step in as needed.)

What I’ll Bring:

Experience and talent. A team player that brings no drama and a positive attitude.

Flexibility. I want it for myself and I’ll bring it for you. I do well in healing or DPS roles. I also don’t really care what it is your raid wants me to play. Pick a class and I’ll be on it. Not to say I don’t have preferences for a given role, but I’m not too picky.

Myself and whatever your guild requires of their raiders (be that raid materials, guild bank donations, or whatever).

Someone who will play at the highest level of their ability every raid with no distractions or excuses and expects the same of every other member on the team.

Preferred Classes:

  1. Holy Paladin
  2. Frost DK
  3. Elemental Shaman
  4. Fury Warrior
  5. Restoration Shaman
  6. Restoration Druid
  7. Shadow Priest
  8. Discipline Priest
  9. Balance Druid
  10. Assassination Rogue
  11. Frost Mage

Think you’ve got what I’m looking for? Send me your pitch to Vekks#11407 or on discord @Vekks#7941

Currently playing on Stormrage-US.

Hello! We are currently hunting for top tier DPS and healers for Mythic Palace. We offer atypical raid times (morning/afternoon) and would love to chat if you can make our times. Here’s our forum post for more info, and good luck on your search! :squid:

We also field a secondary Heroic focused raid team in the evenings, if you’d like to try us out there!

Hi there! Added you to btag (mine is Lgeme84#1466).

We would definitely be interested in chatting with you regarding a bench/back up spot on our mythic team. We are Alliance on Sargeras (guild name Liberation) and are 8/8H and 3/8M in EP. We went 9/9M in BoD for Cutting Edge and 7/8M in Uldir.

Raid times are Tues/Thurs 8-11 pm CST and use Monday as an “alternate/optional” night to push content or do achievements, etc…there may be a time when we begin selling heroic EP runs Monday evenings.

We’re a group of working adults who understand that life comes first. Average age of our raiders is between 25 and 32 (some older, some slightly younger, but no one under 20 I don’t think).

If this sounds like something that might work for you, hit me up!

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