Stormrage Ally 5/9m 418 Disc Priest/ 409 Resto Druid LFG

Hello I am on Alliance Stormrage US and would prefer staying here. My io is 1630, I have some very good parses and some very poor parses however if I am able to progress on a boss I generally parse high. Seeing as how I am a disc priest on some fights I was asked to focus more on dps, with that said my shadow isn’t bad and is getting better.

My current guild is a lot of fun however there are quite a few people who are not min maxing and we rarely have enough people to fill a mythic roster. The leadership as of late has been poor and we have not been recruiting while being forced to carry underperformers through the first 5 bosses. I have little patience for that and would like to find a guild with people that are as invested as I am so we can go into 8.2 strong.

I will expect any raid team I join to run weekly m+ 10s and to have leadership that actively encourages min maxing. I have no issues healing lower keys for guildies, can tank as well.

My raiding experience started in Uldir at 3/8m where I tanked Zek before that I played a small amount of Legion but was on a top guild in SWTOR.

I just want to go into 8.2 confident that I won’t be carrying a bunch of people and won’t have a raid team that falls apart. If you are in need of a pretty damn good disc priest for 8.2 and are a guild with strong leadership and a roster of actual mythic raiders please feel free to reach out to me. Would prefer 3 days a week. Thanks.

Hi there, our daytime raiding guild is looking for a few bodies to fill out our roster as we progress on Jaina (best pulls for us are around 45%). We would love to find a couple DPS/Heals, ideally who can flex, especially as we build up our core for next tier.

We are also building a secondary casual roster to power through Heroic clears two nights a week.

Here’s our forum post for more info about who we are and what we do. Please let me know if there’s anything we elucidate! :sun_behind_small_cloud: