LF Mage/Warrior / Flex heals 2 day CE focused drama-free guild-8/10M

Who we are:

We are adult gamers like many of you with real life schedules, jobs, families, etc. Our roster includes multi CE raiders who know what it takes to be successful on a 2 day schedule while still having plenty of time outside of the game for real life adventures.

We have built a team here that not only cares about progression, but also about our culture. You won’t find any bs drama or toxicity here. Instead you will be gaming alongside fellow adults who share many of the same experiences you do on a daily basis. The environment is welcoming and very laid-back which we feel is rare for a mythic raiding guild with CE goals.

Current Progression

We are currently 8/10M.

Current Openings:

Ranged: 2 - Prefer one Mage and one other capable of flex healing.
Melee: Taking 1 melee. Prefer a warrior.
We will ask for logs so please have those ready :sunglasses:


Guild: Flagged for Rename (Formerly Mile Hyjal Club)
Server: Area 52
Faction: Horde
Raid days/times: Tue/Wed 9EST-12EST.
Adult friendly: Absolutely. Just “post out” so we know you can’t make it.
Atmosphere: Adult humor in laid-back, toxic-free environment.
Age: 18+ and discord is required for raids and encouraged for off-nights.

Contact Us:

Please add us on Discord:
Pimsley#1337 or Ojntoast#1029 or Airbourne#7412


Great group of guys and gals.

What he said!

We are free to chat most of the day. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Come join the club!

Yes, do! Great idea :smiley:

Online and ready to chat!

Awesome group of gamers. Fun and super laid-back.

Indeed they are!

M+ spam tonight. Who’s down?

Hit my fellas up. Great crew.

Looking for more friends to run M+ and raid with. The Journey IS the Destination.

This! Online now and chatting.

Still have room by chance? Looking for a new home for this hunter.

Who’s ready for a new week of fun filled adventures? We are. You may still need to physical distance in the real world, but come get close in the virtual one.

I am. Let’s do this!

Still hunting for those last few folks to join us.

Looking for another flex melee/tank, a healer and ranged dps.

Still looking for a flex dps/tank, a healer, and a few ranged dps.

Heroic next week. Would love to round out the core before we go in. Time to start a new adventure with folks as we move towards the goal of being a solid mythic raid team.