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[A] 7/12 M Guardian Druid LF Home
[H] (Looking to transfer). Searching for a mythic guild for shadowlands!
Returning US Top 25 Dps
HoF Disc priest, 12/12M on 3 toons LF semi hardcore Slands guild
DK/Paladin tank/dps looking for pst raiding guild
10/12m LF Mythic Guild for SL
11/12M Heals LF SHL Mythic Guild
12/12M Druid LFG
Very old hunter LF raiding guild
20-25 players LF Mythic Guild for SL
Looking for Raiding guild
[H][LFG] CE raider returning for Shadowlands
5k io Warrior looking for flex raid spot in SL
Hunter/DH LF CE focused progression guild
Warlock Looking to make a shadowlands Return
LF (A) Semi-Hardcore-Hardcore 2-3 Late EST raids 10 PM +
Rogue Main WW Monk Alt LF CE guild for SL
(H)11/12M BM hunter
Exp raider LF new home
Mage LF Home for Shadowlands
Competitive Raider and M+ Pusher
LF guild from now into shadowlands
Group of CE focused players LF Team
11/12m Healer LF CE Focused Guild
9/12 M Balance Druid LFG
478 Fury War LF CE Guild
[A] Experienced Multi-Class Healer LF guild for Shadowlands
[A] 480 Experienced healer LF SL M Guild
F Mage, U/F DK LF mythic raiding guild (SL)
[A] 8/12M Healer LF mythic guild in SL
Healer looking for Mythic Raiding in SL
Rogue (flexible) LF 3 weekday CE guild
[H]Returning Mythic player LF CE guild
Please delete
Returning Mythic Raider LF 2-3 Night CE Guild
*guild found*
10/12 M Healer and 2 DPS Looking for Mythic SL team
479 Dk Tank/Dps(Also willing to play Mage/Lock/Boomy in SL)
Competitive Raider and M+ Pusher
Healer LFG
Resto Shaman LF raiding guild
[H] Returning Brewmaster Monk LF CE Guild for SL
4-5 11/12M players looking for CE group
[H] Group of Mythic Players Looking For a New Home for SL
Delete please
LF Raid Guild
9/12M dps looking for new ALLIANCE home for SL
Ranged DPS looking for hardcore guild
9/12 M LF Raiding Guild
Deleted Post
Warlock LF Raiding Guild in SL
Returning CE player LF weekend horde in SL
9/12M Melee DPS LF Mythic Guild
CE player looking to push HoF and high M+ in SL
Experienced Warlock LF Guild SL (Horde)
474 Fury / 480 12/12M BM hunter LF Guild
4 Raiders looking to raid
LF Guild for SL - Willing to fill spots
Bm hunter lfg
Lock looking for mythic Ally in stormrage 8/12m now
TY Delete post!
10/12 M raider LF CE Shadowlands guild
LF a Semi Hardcore guild
11/12M LF CE focused guild in SL
Veteran CE Raider LF SL Semi-Hardcore Raid Guild
12/12M Balance Druid or Holy Pally
5x Glad / R1 XP LF Mythic Raiding Guild / M+ High Keys
CE exp Mage LF Mythic Group for Shadowlands
473-480 Player LF Shadowlands CE Guild
Returning Mythic Raider LF Shadowlands Mythic Guild
Delete Please!
12/12 M 3250cr priest lf guild on ally
Returning mage looking for CE guild
15 years- Healer- LF Mythic Raid Guild-Shadowlands
9/12M CE Player Resto Healer LF CE guild
Exp Mythic Raider LF New Home
Group looking for new home
Experienced mythic raider looking for 2 weeknight (Su-Th) Raid in Shadow Lands (multiple class options)
Shadowlands Returning playing LFG (Prefer Alliance)
Experienced mythic raider looking for 2 day a week raiding guild
Competitive, Mature Raider Looking For SL CE Guild

Bump! Join us for mythic content!

Still looking!

Le bump!!!

Gentle bump.

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Still looking for exceptional players

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Still looking for 1 tank and some exceptional dps!

Open spots still ! Come hang out and prep for Shadowlands.

We look forward to having a chat

Bump! Come and join us!

Morning bump!

Still looking for 1 tank and exceptional dps!

Miniature bump

Massive bump

Still recruiting 1 tank, 1 heals and some dps for the mythic team.

Bump! Would love to have an exceptional resto shaman join our family!


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Quick bump

Spaces open for Mythic:

Certain ranged and melee dps
1 tank (must be open on class)
1 rsham

Speak with us and secure a spot before the prepatch rush!

Bumping up bc still looking!