10/12m LF Mythic Guild for SL

Previous multi tier US top 100 raider coming back in 8.3 after taking a break after guild fell apart in Uldir. Looking to get back into semi hardcore raiding (getting CE every tier). I am currently planing on playing either warrior rogue or hunter.
Previous raid exp: CE SoO, CE HM, CE BRF, CE HFC, CE EN, 8/9 ToS, CE Antorus, 5/8m Uldir (guild was US top 100 was on bench due to raid wanting to run 1 mage) 10/12M Nzoth
Days available: Tuesday - Friday
Bnet Greatjnight#1838
Discord Val#3192

Hi Haljek,

If you’re interested in Alliance, Its Mine I Licked It is a newly formed guild of previous high end raiders looking to clear CE on a 6 hour/week schedule. We’re primarily looking for ranged DPS currently, here’s our copy pasta if you’re interested in talking further!

Its Mine I Licked It (US-Stormrage) is recruiting for semi-hardcore raiding in Shadowlands!

Its Mine I Licked It was founded prior to the launch of Shadowlands by a group of friends with significant hardcore raiding experience. All of the founding members have played WoW since The Burning Crusade or earlier, and have raided since Wrath of the Lich King or before. More to the point, each of the founding members have at minimum US Top 50 experience, and we have all held leadership positions in competitive raiding guilds.

However, life goes on and people get older, and we all stopped raiding or even playing the game all together in either Legion or Battle for Azeroth for individual reasons. However, we also love this game and have come back over the last few months (or for some of us, never left at all). For all of us, raiding is an integral part of this game, and that’s what we plan to do. Still, we don’t want to break our backs pushing the true bleeding edge of end game content like we all did for so many years.

In Shadowlands, we will clear Mythic Raid content as well as provide an environment conducive for Mythic + dungeon runs. However, we are all at the point in our lives where pushing late hours or extra nights to clear a Mythic Raid is not what we are looking for. Instead, we want to focus on a less grindy experience while still pushing ourselves and playing efficiently.

The raid schedule is going to be TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from 8 EST – 11 US Eastern time. We will only be raiding 6 hours a week, so we will be pulling at 8. In other words, the ability to be on by 7:45 or so is important/necessary.

Our primary needs are as follows:

Tank – Non-Pally. Monk preferred, but open to others.

Healer – Looking for someone willing to swing between DPS and healing.

Ranged DPS: All

Melee DPS: Monk

However, we will always consider exceptional players who are the right fit – we have several members who are flexible in their roles. If we can accommodate you, we will!

If you are interested in raiding with us, please add myself (Fuzzii#1197), Moo (Moophisto#11601) or Lyssan (Lyssan#1884) on Bnet to set up an interview time.

Oof doesn’t look like our days would match but I think it’s still worth taking a look. We are still in need of a warrior in our core. Cheers!