Clarifying the Process for Unlocking Mechagnomes

We’re seeing some confusion on how to unlock mechagnomes, we have applied a change this evening and want to take a moment to clarify the process. First off, the following achievements need to be completed on any character on the same account:

  • Rustbolt Rebellion
  • The Mechagonian Threat

If you have done these achievements on any Alliance character(s), you can head to the Alliance Embassy in Stormwind on that character and start the unlock questchain with Aysa Cloudsinger and accepting the quest “Urgent Care”.

If you have done these achievements on a Horde character, you will then need to login on a level 120 Alliance character.

  • If this character has already completed the Mechagon Island intro questline that ends with the quest “Welcome To The Resistance”, then the character can head to the Alliance Embassy in Stormwind and pick up the quest “Urgent Care” from Aysa Cloudsinger to start the Allied Race unlock questline.
  • If this character has not unlocked Mechagon Island, you can head to the Alliance Embassy in Stormwind and Gila Crosswires will have the quest “Fame Waits For Gnome One” which will lead the character through the Mechagon Island unlock process which then leads to the mechagnome unlock questline. If you are in this situation, you will not need to go to Nazjatar.

We are also currently in the process of resolving a bug that is affecting the Allied Race banner UI and causing additional confusion, but in the meantime the steps outlined above should help unlock the mechagnomes for those who qualify.

Thank you for your understanding!


Thank you!

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I want to know if the Heroic version of Mechagon dungeon counts towards the unlock for Mechagnomes


I am sitting on my 120 alliance toon right now with the quest “Urgent Care” in my log and there is not Kelsey Steelspark in Boralus Harbor for me.

I have exalted rep with Rustbolt and the achievement done on my horde toon. This alliance toon has the island opened and is friendly. How can I have the quest but nowhere to turn it in? What is the PTR even for?


It would’ve been nice to have it spelled out a bit earlier but a bit late is far better than never.


I’m in the exact same situation as you. Have the quest “Urgent Care” but Kelsey Steelspark is not at the fountain in Boralus.


Thank you guys so much. :slight_smile:
Beginning the unlocking of my little robot girl now!


It’s not crying to point out an issue and ask for a fix. But I suppose the Alliance victim complex runs strong in you.


Please reply if you guys find a work around for the missing Kelsey issue.

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Kelsey steelspark or whatever isn’t at the location the quest says…

Same. She’s just not here.

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same here, Kelsey is not there

So I was in the same situation, what you gotta do is get an alliance, get the quest to open Mechagon, and open Mechagon on the alliance character. That should in turn make the mechagnomes unlock available is what Im understanding from the post above from the Blue.

Convoluted, Bliz!


I have Mechagon open on my ally toon. I was just there. Kelsey still isn’t in Boralus, even though there’s a ? there.

Same here. Have quest but no Kelsey.

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Kelsey is MISSING!

Okay I’ve logged off and on, I’ve left the area, I’ve abandoned the quest and picked it up again. I even logged entirely out of WoW and relaunched.

Kelsey ain’t showing up. Something’s broken.

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HI,i finish all achievements on a Horde character, on allance toon i done “Welcome To The Resistance” but i run “/script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(5736))” show false. and Kelsey Steelspark is not at the fountain in Boralus. Can pls check the quest complete on “Welcome To The Resistance” quest pls. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you try unlocking the world quests in Mechagon and not just visiting the zone? I am currently doing the unlock world quests in Mechagon on my character and if I finish before you I’ll let you know if it works.