My Official Review of Mechagnome Allied Race

Somehow this conclusion doesn’t surprise being that you are someone who hates short races in general.

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Thank you for that informative and insightful review.

It suits them to be a trash race, they live in a garbage dump.


Made a few mechagnomes to check how mogs look and there’s maybe 1 or 2 mogs that look alright on them. The face pieces get cut off by most head slot gear mogs. I can see why people were disappointed now.

Speaking of them, if I’m exalted on Horde with Mechagon. Will it let me unlock them? I’ve gone to the embassy in Stormwind but there’s nothing there. I’m guessing no. lol

I imagine your alliance alt would need to be 120 to start the recruit quest if it isn’t already

I tried with my 120 dark iron dwarf and nothing. hmm

cool story bro

You need the necessary achievement, not just the reputation. If you haven’t completed the storyline in addition to the rep (including the dungeon) you’ll still need to do that before you can get the unlock quest.

Does the dwarf have mechagon unlocked?

Your opinion is wrong, but I would absolutely be lying if I said I wouldn’t forgive you because your guild name is God-tier.

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Not yet. It was one of those things where I couldn’t be bothered because of all the time it takes to get there.

Gotta have that done too on the toon you want to do the quest.

Okies. Well I’ll save that for the weekend then. :smiley:

Just in case anyone else needs this

Multiple mog slots gone, head modifications don’t work with majority of helms, heritage only suits one of their three metal tints, recruitment quest is boring as hell.

Every person who worked on these should be absolutely ashamed of themselves

Your opinion ia objectively wrong, fleshling. Next!

I mean that’s pretty much their setting hook, yes.

We already knew that though, I ve seen a ton of vulpera avatars in the forums, meanwhile only 1 mechagnome and it is in this thread lol

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Fancy that.