Issues with unlocking Mechagnomes

This seems to be the case with me, as well.

Let us all now pray that Base God Ion Hazardkostas answers our prayers

I’m also having the same issue, I have this achievement completed in my Horde character, but is not showing up so I can create the Mechagnome.

At least I’m not smug about it, I think it’s ridiculous. While I can somewhat understand that they want an Alliance character to complete the Mechagon story line, at this point in time I honestly believe that they should remove the reputation requirements to be able to progress through it. There’s zero reasons to force Horde players to grind rep again, even if it’s Revered, just to unlock the Mechagnomes.

And while they’re at it they should fix the bug that if you run part 1 of Mechagon you’re locked out of running part 2 which is needed to kill King Mechagon.


I unlocked Nightborne on my ally toon. Just needed a Horde toon to do the recruitment quest.

Uh, I mean that’s not really relevant to this but alright

It’s more of a point they’re making I feel. Like they’re saying that we could unlock the highmountain and nightborne was possible cross-faction with the requirements, but isn’t now because Mechagnomes are special.

Oh, oh I see that now


You are absolutely right. There is zero reason for making us do the rep grind again. The rep is the same for both sides. Zero reason!!

Why can’t we get exalted (same exalted as alliance!!) and finish the cheeve (same cheeve as alliance!!) then do the unlock scenario with an allie alt? That would simple and make everyone happy. But no… no no no…

The only difference marking the two is who you turn it in to. That’s it

If you have Twitter, you can (politely!) try to change their minds:


Kek, that’s true but unless the population of pro-rep lift is big enough for Blizzard to be able to sate the majority’s appetite I dunno if they’d bite for it. Then again, there could be more that are simply unsure of where to go or what to do given the circumstance, but still

Sadly do not.


Guys check this out!!! We can all be happy now! :smiley:


Yeah but why can’t I see my girl Kelsey Steelspark?

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You called it!

Seconded. Kelsey’s stealthed it up because she’s not where she’s supposed to be in Boralus Harbor. Tried to go to Boat-Kelsey but that version doesn’t count.

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Someone might need to create a new thread in the bug report forum about the missing NPC.

Its heroic now

Yeah I see that, actually they made it if anything a little bit TOO easy