Clarifying the Process for Unlocking Mechagnomes

Have the quest ‘Urgent Care’, but Kelsey Steelspark is not at her indicated position. Blizzard, help!!

Yep, having the same issue. No Kelsey where the ? is.

I have unlocked all the world quests in mechagon. I’ve got the trinket, even.

Kelsey not there for me either, have everything unlocked and the quest urgent care, shows ? on map but no Kelsey. Fix this NOW please.

When looking at the Allied Races Banner, it shows that I have the reputation unlocked, but not the Achievement The Mechagonian Threat. I do have the achievement unlocked on a Horde character, but not on an Alliance character. I can pick up the quest from Aysa, but Kelsey is not there. That might be the issue. Not too sure though


It’s kind of bs that horde doesn’t have to grind rep again while alliance does.


I have the quest Urgent Care but when I went to Boralus the NPC to turn in, is not showing up. Is it a bug?

Chill out … if you read, people have grind/Ground/Grounded out the rep…


I was able to pick Urgent Care up on my 120 Priest even though I haven’t done the Mechagon intro yet. Kelsi isn’t where the quest marker says she should be but you can have both Urgent Care and Fame Waits For Gnome One (I already had the before 8.3) at the same time.

If you have not opened Mechagon, you need to go and do that first (will bet you money you have to , as the questline after Ugent Care takes you there)… go do that first.

That’s what I’m working on. I just wanted to point out that you’re not actually blocked from picking up Urgent Care if you’ve done the pre-reqs on another character (say, for example, your Horde main) but haven’t touched Mechagon.

I did their requirements including unlocking mechagon on the alliance toon. Still no Kelsey at the fountain in boralus.

You can get Urgent Care NOW, because about an hour ago, they applied a fix. But Kelsey is not there to turn Urgent Care in right now

The fix isn’t working as Bornakk described. If it were, I shouldn’t have seen the quest yet since I haven’t done the intro quest line.

No Kelsey for me either. Very confused.

No Kelsey for me either. Relogging and dropping/picking quest up again didn’t work.

I know people talk about the Horde bias thing a lot but you gotta admit it’s pretty funny when unlocking mechagnomes itself is bugged and vulpera are just fine.

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I’d also like to add a heads-up for anyone whose last requirement for the Mechagon storyline is Operation: Mechagon - The Mechoriginator.

If you go the heroic dungeon route, queue directly for Operation: Mechagon - Workshop, which is where you kill King Mechagon. I did Operation: Mechagon - Junkyard first and am now locked out of Workshop until tomorrow since they both still count as one dungeon. Pre-made groups I think can still queue together for Workshop if the party leader isn’t locked out of it, but the pre-made I was in earlier couldn’t go in as heroic, we were stuck doing the entire dungeon as mythic (and thus we didn’t complete it since we couldn’t skip to Workshop and a lot of us were undergeared and had never run mythic anything before).

No mechagnomes for me until tomorrow, sadly!


I finally got the quest to pop up after much personal annoyance… and now I can’t find Kelsey at the Fountain… T_T whhhyyyyyyy.

Hopefully Urgent Care is fixed soon… I want my robot gnome!!

Same problem here. My Alliance has Mechagon open and almost honored. I have the first quest “Urgent care” but Kelsey is not showing up in Boralus for me.