Unlock Mechagnomes with Horde Rep

Read his next tweet directly under the one that is larger.


You guys can just say it instead of being vague.


Omg!! It’s simple ask and answer. Horde complete said objectives to unlock Allied Race : Mechagnome , However switching to Alliance 120 to do the scenario to welcome them into the Alliance isn’t working as intended . It’s tell us that our Alliance needs to complete the quest to kill King Mechagon but We’ve done it on our Horde so it should be account-wide .

Yeah, why would they not specify that the achievement is character-specific? The whole quest is locked behind a rep grind all the way up to Revered. That’s pretty BS

So I clicked on it and read the very first comment on the original tweet.

Holds up with what Vrak said unless I misremember the achievement.

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Please read the followup tweet replies to see the full tweet conversation.

It’s a key feature in this patch yet they missed this ? How the hell do you announce Allied Races Vulpera and Mechagnome without making damn sure the objectives were clear and precise to both factions . Know your priorities !!!

It’s not character specific necessarily, but it appears to be faction specific. You need the Mechagonian Threat achievement on an Alliance toon to unlock them.


If that it true then it should of been said and us Horde now have to wait for each quest via rep grind all over again .

If you look at the achievement, it’s different for Horde and Alliance.

Not surprising that you’d need the version associated with the relevant faction for it to count.


Yeah but does that really make sense? All it serves to be is a waste of time and serve no purpose for those that main horde, and even more so to have to REPEAT the whole grind over again for something already accomplished, regardless of faction, is stupid. Not to mention that the grind is timegated so it’s like adding insult to injury. Huge quality-of-life issue

I feel your pain. Despite my posting character, I haven’t played alliance since my ally guild fell apart at the start of this expansion and I went back to my horde main. I have nothing unlocked for this alliance side either.

But the achievements are different and therein lies the problem.

Add your voice to the thread going in General. Maybe if enough players complain they’ll change it to allow either version of the achievement count. But complaints here won’t get seen by the devs and won’t result in change.

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I get you are all passionate. I don’t want to see action taken to posting privelages for that passion.

Once again, this is a GD discussion, not a support one. U want your voice heard. That is where it will be

Edit. Nope. Post was removed entirely haha. Rest stands though

In case this helps anyone:

Oh, nvm. They did it on an Alliance toon that was already Revered:

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He later said in that post that he was revered. The problem still stands that a rep grind is necessary despite already being at that level on the Horde toon.

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Listen chief, I profanity or not since there are probably a couple hundred or thousand different forum threads this one ain’t gonna receive any thought from whoever thought that the double rep grind would be fun and enjoyable, instead of a huge pain to have to deal with. Call it skepticism, with a sprinkle of sudden realization

A’unno 'bout you, but it’s more frustration, especially with Mechagon being a deserted zone since there’s no incentive to return, making it even longer

You’ll want to “not”, Holon. I have removed the posts so far, I understand your frustration, but there is a limit to that. In the other forums, if those posts were reported you may lose your posting privileges. I’d rather that didn’t happen.

Well this one, no. However, constructive feedback in General Discussion will receive the appropriate consideration.

The reputation is account wide, you shouldn’t have to grind out additional reputation. It is the story achievement that needs to be completed.

I’m going to lock this thread up as I want to encourage additional discussion and feedback to be posted in the appropriate location. If I hear any additional information I’ll be sure to provide an update.


Hey folks, just wanted to drop a note here as there has been an update.

Specifically, “The Mechagonian Threat” achievement should count regardless if completed on the Alliance or Horde side. The Alliance character will need to be sure to unlock Mechagon before they’ll be able to do the quest line to invite the Mechagon Allied Race to the Alliances side.