Seriously blizz?

I got all my reps done for allied races on my main. A horde toon. Seems mechagnome needs exalted on an alli toon. As the npc to start the quest isn’t there. I was able to get the quest in the embassy but kelsey stormspark isn’t at the ? . Not crazy about mechagnomes. I am an altaholic. I need at least 1. Do I have to get exalted on an alliance toon now?

Think a blue said you need to do the mechagon intro quests on the 120 ally toon you’re using to unlock them.



I’ve done it. I had to get the mechagon dungeon part on a horde toon. I can’t get that quest on alli toon until exalted rep. Also0 I got the quest at the emabasy. The npc isn’t in boralis though.